Online Authenticators - my experience

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  1. I'm new to this forum, and want to share my experience with 2 online authenticators for Gucci. I am getting ready to sell my Guccisima Sukey and wanted to make absolutely sure it was authentic before selling (I had bought it on eBay about 5 years ago).

    I chose to use Castira and Lollipuff. Castira was $10 for a photo email authentication, Lollipuff was $25. As far as I know, Castira only authenticates Gucci. Lollipuff does many brands. Both of them offer written certifications of authenticity (or non-authenticity) for use when filing claims for an additional fee.

    Castira got back to me within a day - she asked for more photos (gave me specific direction on what she needed). I sent them off to her and 5 more days went by. I emailed her to inquire....she got back to me and needed better quality shots still. I sent them, and she was back to me within 24hrs with the decision. So, overall, it took about a week, but I was very impressed with her diligence to make sure she had the clear photos she needed to make the decision. She wasn't going to make the decision without the right photos, which is great. Very happy with Castira!

    I sent the good photos off to Lollipuff (this was after all the back and forth with Castira, so the photos I sent them were good) and they contacted me with their decision within 24hrs. Very happy with Lollipuff!

    So, I had a very good experience with both of these online authenticators.

    Footnote: take good clear photos in natural daylight (no flash), use the "Macro" feature if your phone's camera has it to get the close-ups of hardware, inside tags, serial numbers, etc...
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  2. Welcome to the forum. There’s a world of information here.

    So happy you were able to seek the answers you were looking for; and that your stuff was authentic.

    I’ve used Castira in the past and was very pleased myself.
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  3. So glad you were pleased ad thank you for the reviews.

    I've never used Castira myself but it is one of the only paid-for services with what I consider a good record and grasp of Gucci through the ages. Gucci is very tricky as they have changed their bags, fittings and practices through their colourful history. It's also a way of getting back a verdict quickly. When you think about the price involved buying some bags the cost per authentication is good value.

    Please note, Ebay, most CC companies etc need paid-for services with certificates of their verdicts to use in disputes.
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