Online Authentication Services for PP & Ebay Claims

  1. Great....thank you !
  2. I've never heard of them - but that doesn't mean anything. Expensive email authentication IMO.
  3. I do sell bags on eBay. They all are 100% authentic. I just got a case opened against me stating that the bag I sold is fake. eBay customer service sent me an email explaining my right (I would say no rights at all). This is from their email:

    “This proof of authenticity would be documentation directly from the manufacture listing the serial number stating that the bag is authentic. Unfortunately receipts cannot be accepted as this proof of delivery as they only show that a bag was purchased, not this specific bag.”

    So what is "documentation directly from the manufacture listing the serial number stating that the bag is authentic" it and who do I get it?

    Any idea?

    Thank you
  4. Oh, this is scary! What designer offers this? If a buyer can use an online authentication service, can a seller use this service?
  5. Yep, I just talked to them and tried to explain to them that their policy is asking for something that does not exists. It all fell on deaf ears. I feel like I have no protection at all.
  6. As far as I'm aware, none of the Designer Houses now offer an authentication service. The last, which stopped 2 years ago - was Mulberry.

    This really is very unfair - and I would contact PayPal again - (I'm not sure which Design Brand this item is) and tell them that you cannot obtain an authentication from the Design Brand - and surely, given that a buyer can obtain a document from a Third Party Authentication Service, then surely - you, as the seller, should also have this right?

    I think often, it can depend on the Representative you are dealing with at PayPal, but I really would insist on speaking to someone in authority - a Supervisor, or whatever, as PayPal are WELL aware that the Design Houses aren't offering an authentication service - and if an SA in store were to give you a letter - then they wouldn't probably accept - as it would perhaps not be on 'Headed' paper.

    You need to be able to discuss this and feel that they are listening!!

  7. The item was Gucci and it was over $500 so it went through "special" deportment that deals with high priced items disputes. I old Ebay that I called Gucci (which is true) and they told me that they do not provide this service and they (Ebay can call Gucci too to confirm it . EBay policy is ridiculous. They just kept saying that they are very sorry I am unhappy with their policies.
  8. I wouldn't leave it - I would just keep speaking to them - its outrageous - really - absolute madness. Have they seriously checked some of what is listed as authentic?

  9. Did you buy the Gucci bag directly from an authorized retailer? It's not unheard of that even honest sellers make mistakes and there could be a possibility that a mistake was made.

    So the first thing I'd recommend is to post your pictures on the AT Gucci forum just to verify that it's authentic. (See posts #1 and 2 for the required pictures and posting format.)

    If the bag is deemed authentic, you can contact Castira for documentation as well as asking her whether she has heard of ebay making this demand.
  10. Ugh! I'll probably get reamed for researching but I believe your listing was authenticated on the Gucci AT forum and deemed as authentic by Iadmireyoo, one of the experts there.

    Is it the Gucci Sukey with gold trim?

    ETA: Both sukey bags were posted and authenticated there.

    Definitely contact Castira and request advice on how to proceed.
  11. Yes, I bought the bag from authorised dealer. I have no doubts it's authentic. I am not looking to just authenticate the bag. I was looking for manufacture authentication that ebay wants.
  12. I understand that but I think whoever is making that request is misunderstanding ebay's use of approved authenticators. There are certain professional authenticators who ebay, paypal and even credit card companies will trust when it comes to disputes over authenticity.

    Call ebay by phone and request to speak to a supervisor. Explain that the design houses don't authenticate and won't write letters and that's why ebay accepts the word of their authenticators.

    If you don't get someone the first time, call back and keep trying until you get someone with a brain. Tell them you will use Castira for your Gucci authentication.

    And in fact, you can email Castira (link to follow) and include the authentication from the AT Gucci thread. She may ask for additional pictures though if they were adequate for the AT, they should probably be good enough for Castira.

    Good luck.
  13. Thanks a lot. I did contact Castira. Let's see what they say.
  14. This made me laugh.