Online Authentication Services for PP & Ebay Claims

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  1. #1 Oct 17, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
    I hope I am not violating any rules by posting this, if so Mods can remove please.

    The unlucky me and a friend bought two fakes advertised as authentic from two different sellers. PP required a letter of non authenticity from an independent third party for each bag. With much luck we found two through Google search. Reading this forum and others, they turned out to be top notch and fast to respond. Through my research I found additional if you need a letter.

    Caroldiva - Specializing in LV

    Mypoupette - Specializing in LV

    Etincelerauthentications - Specializing in Chanel

    Castira - Specializing in Gucci

    Fakespotters - Specializing in Balenciaga, Chloe, Dior, Hermes, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Prada

    Authenticate4U - Can do all brands (but how can one do all brands?)

    Amourauthentic - Specializing in Goyard, LV, UGG

    Authentic-luxury - Specializng in LV
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  2. thanks!
  3. Thank you for this! This could make a great sticky.
  4. Thanks, OP. I only know Caroldiva and My Poupette. Now I knew more, I especially need one for Hermes.
  5. The point with regard to 'how can one do all brands' in the initial post - with reference to one of the websites mentioned. I understand that this particular company have Experts in the leading Design Brands - and it is not merely one person who is 'stabbing' at the authentication of various Brands.

    I would think best to contact them in order to confirm which Design Brands they actually authenticate
  6. You're welcome!

  7. Thank you for the explanation, I see that the list was revised to reflect the brands this company specializes.
  8. Is the letter for free?
  9. ^ No, in all cases there is a fee for the authentication letter. Feel free to contact the authentication service of your choosing and request fee information.
  10. This is indeed a good thread, I only knew etinceler, mypoupette and caroldiva!

  11. No, these are all paid services and no one should expect them to provide letters for free. It is not a simple one paragrapher or one pager, it is very detailed explanation of why something is not authentic.
  12. Hi: If i really need a letter,so What would you recommended ? any popular one ? Cheapest one ? Not too much to cost .Thanks
  13. Depends on brand of your bag. For LV, a lot of us have had great success with Carol Diva. But if not an LV, then look at the list for the one who specializes in your bag.