Online $30 purchase w/ PayPal, get $15 back

  1. Thanks for posting! I'm in.
  2. Cool. Thanks for posting!
  3. Oh, Paypal coupons are the best!!! Thanks for posting!
  4. Woo hoo!
  5. Thanks for sharing!!! :yahoo:
  6. so on every order you made you got $15.00 back ?
  7. so on every order you make you get $15.00 off??
  8. No, only one time to use.
  9. I just made a purchase but didn't see this until after....Can I still apply for it?
  10. Wow...thanks for sharing!!

  11. thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Awesome, thanks!!
  13. Thank you, JCell. I could always use more money in my paypal account! eBay, watch out! :yahoo:
  14. Thank you!:flowers: