onionhead box!

  1. I've suddenly become obbssesed with Onionhead boxes! Does anyone have one? Do you have pictures you could post?
  2. ^^^ I was looking at that auction earlier today!!!:graucho: SO HOT!!! I WISH!:nuts:
  3. so cute.....but can't afford it :sad:
  4. That is the cutest, rarest, collectable thing on earth, :nuts:IMO, I wish I could afford it.
  5. such a gorgeous handbag!
  6. How cute is that!!!
  7. i too have been lusting over this creation for a very long time. i heart.
  8. This Is One Beautiful Piece!!!!!!
  9. so cute
  10. Love it!
  11. i love it, but i can't afford it!
    i think one of the ladies in this forum have the box, 2 style, the panda & the onion head, i rememberes seeing on one of the thread.
  12. Omg! I want one now! Not sure what I would put in it if I had one though.

    Thanks for posting the ebay auction Lee69.
  13. You're welcome:flowers: hehehe DIAMONDS!:graucho:
  14. Am I the only one completely creeped out by the look of Onionhead?!? :wtf:

    I certainly dont mean to offend anyone....JMHO. :flowers: :upsidedown: