Oniomaniac is the best sa everrrrr!!!! *reveal*

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  1. So, Oniomaniac (Ana) from Saks Chicago is the best SA ever! I ordered through phone and actually had doubts about it because I've had bad experience where the items came in and they were not in good condition. So, ever since then, I never ordered through phone anymore. But Ana has been so kind and assuring, I thought I'd give it another try. Here's the story behind each item:

    With item number 1, I wanted one that was fresh, no scratches, and no patina. It was kind of hard to find and I was worried bc the one I saw at Madison Store was all scratched or patina. So she went OUT OF HER WAYS to find me one! And I'm NOT dissapointed

    With item number 2, one that is made in France was sold out at her store and a lot of stores. But she found one in another Chicago store and actually drove to pick it up! She's just lovely.

    Because of my bad experience with shipment, I had a lot of packing instructions for Ana and when I opened the package OMG I've never seen LV being shipped so neatly and packed so carefully!

    I normally don't do reveals but this is another way of thanking Ana for all her wonderful work and for putting up with my craziness in requests this past week. Thanks so much Ana!!!!! EVERYONE, CALL ANA AND OVERWHELM HER WITH REQUESTS! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED :yahoo:

    So here's the teaser pic..the box width was as big as my door.


  2. Come on, I am here waiting!
  3. Patiently waiting.... :biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Ok here goes the teaser for the first item...Can you guys guess?? I don't think there's a better hint that this :biggrin:


  5. I'm here!
  6. My first live reveal!!
  7. Wow, she is wonderful!!!! Now, let's see :graucho:
  8. oooo i think i see a hint of black murakami!!!
  9. black mc.....I cant think if the name of the bag
  10. The name starts with a J :biggrin: .... Here she is:

  11. Judy???
  12. Ok the next item is a classic but wth here's the teaser pic anyway.


  13. ooo very lovely!
  14. You got it :biggrin:, more precisely Judy PM. Isn't she gorgeous? :nuts:
  15. Loove your reveal! Keep going..
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