Ongoing payment drama- Should I accept WU?


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Jan 18, 2007
Hi again everyone!

I decided to back out of a transaction with an international buyer because they wanted to pay via paypal and their address was unconfirmed. They were also overly anxious and their feedback is very, very sketchy (all positive, but all private and seems like all 1 cent ebook auctions). I relisted, but they have contacted me again asking why I relisted and offering to pay via bank wire or Western Union. I called my bank about the procedure and safety of an international wire and the specialist STRONGLY insisted that I not do a bank wire. He said it was not safe at all for me, the seller! :wtf: :confused1: The buyer DID offer Western Union as an option and the specialist suggested that that would be the safest for me.

Does anyone have any information to share on this? Any known scams on this type of payment? The buyer is getting antsy and I need to let her know if I will accept payment from her. TIA everyone!
Jan 19, 2007
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I found this message from Western Union on ebay's website:

It's probably aimed mostly at buyers, but still sounds like they're saying it's not the best idea- and it's their own company! I wouldn't accept payment from a bank wire or Western Union, and would tell the buyer sorry. JMO. I don't think you will be protected through ebay if something should go wrong with the transaction.


Nov 30, 2006
I don't really see why you, as the seller, should be worried about using WU. It's much more risky for the buyer - you should be fine.


Mar 25, 2006
I don't really see why you, as the seller, should be worried about using WU. It's much more risky for the buyer - you should be fine.
Totally agreed. There is absolutely no risk for you as a seller for accepting WU. There are no fees for receiving payment, there's no risk of chargeback. Bank wire is absolutely safe for sellers as well, I don't see why the person you spoke to advised against it. It's the same as direct deposit into your account and even you have to give your account details to the buyer, they cannot do anything with it.


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Jan 18, 2007
I don't really see why you, as the seller, should be worried about using WU. It's much more risky for the buyer - you should be fine.
Well, to be quite honest, I never used to really worry about any method of payment. Ebay has now become so rife with scammers and thieves that I have to consider how someone could possibly exploit ANY type of payment to rob me in some way. It's sad, but this is what ebay has come to. :sad:

And thanks everyone. This person seems untrustworthy, but they did purchase the item. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt WITHOUT risking my life, my information or my item.


Aug 18, 2007
Could someone tell me why bank wire is risky to sellers?

I can only presume in case someone hacks into your pc and gets all your security passwords. At least when the money hits your bank account there is generally no fear of chargebacks. I would still go with your gut instinct on this purchase.


Oct 24, 2006
In order of safety for the seller (1 being safest):

1. WU (100% in seller's favor. Once the buyer pays WU, the money is lost to them forever).

2. Bank Transfer (100% in seller's favor. However, there is chance for fraud since they know your bank account number).

3. Paypal (More in buyer's favor, but both sides are protected)

4. Check/Money Order: Unsafe for both seller and buyer, since the money can't be recovered by the buyer, and the seller can be duped by a fake MO or bouncing check (check may take 2 weeks to bounce).

5. COD: Cash on delivery (who the hell would do this lol): (100% buyer's favor)
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
I agree - go with Western Union. OR, if you do a bank wire transfer - I have a very small account that has very little in it that I can use for that (although I haven't done it yet.) This account is for me selling my bags on eBay or buying something with the money I made from selling my bag so at any given time it only has ~1000 in it.


Oct 4, 2006
I've accepted both bank wires and WU before as a seller, and I love them as they're zero risk to sellers. I have absolutely no idea how it is that the specialist advised you against it, what can a thief do with just your bank account number? Nothing! I believe your cheques have your bank account number printed on them, and I don't think you've been scammed just by issuing cheques?

As for WU, the only scam I've heard of is that the buyer tells you "I've mistakenly sent you $500 when the item is only $400, please Paypal me the difference of $100". So, if the seller doesn't pick up the cash at WU first, and simply believes the buyer's email and Paypals him the $100, then the seller would subsequently find out when he goes to WU that there's no money waiting for him there at WU, and the seller will be out of the $100. WU is risk-free for the seller if the seller picks up the money first before shipping, etc.

Bank wires and WUs beat Paypal hands-down IMO.


Jul 15, 2006
ITA with peppy, out of bank wire, WU and paypal the last one i'd choose is paypal. i don't see how someone could hack into your online banking with just your account number, normally your ID for online banking would have nothing to do with your account number :confused1:


Aug 30, 2007
The reason I wouldn't do a wire transfer is because of them having your account number. They wouldn't be able to hack into your online banking BUT I pay all my bills online. All you have to enter on most websites is your account number and the routing number. It would be easy for someone who had your account information to start using it for paying their bills. I'm just not a trusting person so I never give that information out. I never even write a check to someone I don't know.

Just my opinion.


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Mar 8, 2007
As the seller, Western Union is a great option for you! For the buyer, not so much. They have no way to get their money back after they send it. For you, the biggest concern is whether there's someplace convenient to pick up the money.