1. Has any one ever bought anything from
    Are they selling authentic Coach and Gucci?
  2. I've never bought from there. Their Coach looks authentic, and I don't know how to tell real from fake Gucci.
  3. It seems like they're just bags they got from the outlets but it's hard to tell since they're only using stock photos.
  4. I've recognized a few bags from when I saw them in the Coach store. But then again, like sprinkles said, they are stock photos.
  5. It looks a little too good to be true. I might be convinced if they had their own photos of the bags.
  6. It seems a little werid that they say, "Do your items come with dustcovers and care booklets?

    Our items come directly from the factory and did not undergo the marketing process of getting dustcovers or price tags or care booklets."
  7. Ohhh after Coachlover123's comment, I looked into it more and I can say they're fakes. Coach does not and will not sell bags they are not up to Coach standards. Factory stores items are just as great as the full price stores, the only difference is that they are last season or factory only bags. So this is all ********:

    Our merchandise at is all BRAND NEW factory tier 2 merchandise. What this means is that they are the same as a boutique store merchandise, but can't be sold through them because it didn't pass Factory Quality Assurance process due to slight irregularities. This merchandise has slight differences and imperfections that cannot be sold by the retail locations.

    We value our reputation and would never represent these as 100% perfect. We are a selected few companies who have the authorization to sell Factory Tier 2 Merchandise. The merchandise we sell is perfect for a person who wants to have the most fashionable styles at increditble prices.

    The Following is a list of some Factory Tier Two Imperfections that these items may have. Each item may contain one or more of the these irregularities Loose Stitches
    Mis-aligned Creed with serial
    Non aligned buckle snap
    Misprint on the stamp

    We would like to reassure you that the imperfections WILL NOT be noticeable and it shouldn't prevent you from considering getting these items. You will still receive an excellent item at a considerable discount.
  8. I know this is late but those bags are FAKES. This site/company once ran uder the name and changed due to pending litigation for selling counterfeit bags.

    Do a google search on both OneStopPurse and Luxuryofkings and you will see nothing but warnings to stay away...
  9. Has anyone made a purchase from Craigslist? The Coach bags look authentic...any experienced buyers??? HELP
  10. Craigslist doesn't sell Coach. People posting on Craiglist do. So without seeing the actual pictures, there is no way to tell if one person is selling something authentic or a fake.