Charging Credit Cards Twice

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  1. Last week charged my card twice - they charged me $6,000 instead of $3,000. Apparently, they did this to a number of customers. Did this happen to anyone else?

    I'm just curious to find out how long it's taken them to resolve this for you? It's been a week, and I'm still dealing with them now. They're trying to act like they didn't do anything wrong, and their attitude is that they're doing me a favor by handling the matter. You would think they would make it a priority to fix this problem since it's no small matter to charge (not authorize) a customer's card twice. I talked to all of my friends and this has never happened to any of them before with any vendor.

    What's most incredible is that Gilt Groupe overcharged their customers by a few dollars over the stated price, and they issued formal apologies to their customers and owned up to their mistake. So far there has been no official word from the company, none, to their customers that have been impacted by this. That's why I'm wondering, did anyone get an apology for this?
  2. Poor CS really pisses me off like no other!!! If they want to act like jerks to you, OP, tell them that you will simply handle this via your CC company and file a chargeback. This may seem harsh, but I don't have time to play games, personally; this is what I would do.
  3. ^^I agree---play hardball with them. Perhaps if you get harsh with them you'll get some results. And you're right about gilt. They overcharged me $10 on an item not too long ago. I called them about it and not only did they refund that $10, but they also credited me an additional $10 for the hassle. If a company can do that over just $10, Onekingslane should be jumping through fire over this amount of money!!
  4. Jenaywins and Emcosmo, you're right - there's nothing worse than bad customer service. Emcosmo, thanks for sharing your story on Gilt. You guys totally motivated me to throw several tantrums today, and finally I am hoping I am getting close (fingers crossed) to getting this resolved and putting this nightmare behind me. It's kind of scary to me how confused they were internally as to what had happened. And, honestly, I feel if I hadn't thrown the tantrums, nothing would have happened today.
  5. $6k and they are being buttholes about it? Please. What if you had paid with your debt card and they overdrafted your bank account leaving you with fees and no money? What then? This is not a nonchalant situation.

    Give them a deadline - 24 hours, or whatever you choose - to process your refund. If nothing has been done at that point, file a chargeback and let them know that they cannot get away with this sort of attitude.

    Fingers crossed for you, OP!!!
  6. Call your credit card company and inform them of what happened. They will set aside the charge while you attempt to resolve it so no finance charges will accrue. The best thing to do is keep your credit company informed, in the event that onekingslane tries to screw you over, you will have a record of everything you've done.
  7. Actually, sadly, I did pay with my debit card - let's just say, it was a huge problem as I was out of $3k in cash for the 4 days it took them to refund it back to the card. The problem was that they kept acting like they had authorized my card (which is a big difference than charging your card - that's for sure), and telling me that their cc processor had "voided" all of the incorrect transactions and therefore they were going to charge me again. That's when I hit the roof. Literally. I just can't understand how a company can't get it straight with their cc processing vendor what they're doing with customer credit cards. That's no joke.

    Strangely, they told me that they did send to their affected customers an email apologizing, but for whatever reason, they did not send one to me. I mean, it was intentional, because they apologized for leaving me out, how they didn't know why that happened, and they would send it right away - and no email. That just makes me really wonder what the email said, so I'm still hoping someone will read this who was affected by this whole debaucle so I can find out what happened to them....