one year anniversery gift ideas

  1. hey everyone! me and my boyfriend's one year anniversery is on september 20th. i don't know what to get him. i have a few ideas in mind, but i need other people's inputs! he's 24 and into some designer things like coach, armani exchange, burberry, lv, d&g. he also like simple thing too like xbox and all that guy stuff.

    i'm looking to spend up to $400

    anyone have any ideas? thabks in advance :heart: i apprechiate it !
  2. Does he already have an Xbox 360?? Maybe you could get him one of those.
    For our 1yr anni. I got my BF a gift card to Game Stop and also bought him 2 pairs of Jordans he was eying.
    You could deff. always go with a gift card.