ONE word: "OUCH!" (new micros)

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Oh that's the WORST part of getting micros (2nd worst is taking them down!)....I inhale tylenol for the first day or so after I get my hair braided.
  3. No way would I ever ever ever ever ever go through that!
  4. They look nice!
    I hate helping the neices take theirs down:push:. It seems like it takes just as long to take them down as it takes to put them in!
  5. It is just as bad taking them down that's why I refuse to do it myself. I usually gulp aspirin before but I didnt have time. I was running late. I'm gonna try to get them styled this week. Thanks for the compliments.;)
  6. Its looks great... yea I love getting my hair braided because its so worry free but I hate getting them done and taking them out! How long do you leave yours in???
  7. They look so nice I am sure it was worth the pain. Very chic.:tup:
  8. Looks good though! The pain we go through for beauty.
  9. wow, they are making my head hurt just thinking about them
  10. they look nice! Second only to the pain of having them in the first couple of days is how long they take to put in! *sigh*
  11. LOL! Thanks guys. When I go to the African ladies it only takes 3-4 hours. They're from Senegal. This time a friend did them so it took roughly 7 hrs. I ususally keep them for 2 months.
  12. looks good, fendi. Lawd have fun taking them out. My hubby wanted me to get some for the summer, I had to rebuke him. Even with the assistance of him and conditioner, I just hate taking them out:sad:
  13. Why dont u let the lady who did them take them out? I refuse to do it myself :tdown:.
  14. ^^never thought about that. Thanks, Fendi.
  15. They look nice but ouch at the fact you've got to take aspirin to take them down!