One Wish!

  1. Just a silly question, but I was thinking about it tonight...

    I find myself saying throughout the day, "I wish I were thinner," "I wish I had more time," "I wish I had a glorious new handbag" etc :biggrin: But tonight I thought, if I really did have one wish, and I could use it completely frivolously (ie not feel pressure to wish for world peace, etc), what would I wish for?

    I would wish that the Cubs would win the World Series. It's all my dad's ever wanted since age 5...every year he watches every Cubs game, watches them choke in the postseason (or before), AGONIZES over the losses. And he's always been a great dad (actually my stepdad, he didn't even have to be my fantastic father, but he's always been there for me! he is my "real" dad.), I figure no one deserves any frivolous thing more than my dad deserves to see the Cubs finally win the World Series.

    What would you ladies and gents wish for?
  2. World Peace

    (heh, sorry, had to say it :P)
  3. Vanojr9, if the Red Sox could do it, the Cubs can! :yes: Dusty Baker took the Giants to the World Series (but lost) I'm sure he can do the same for the Cubs and win. I was really heartbroken when he left the Giants.

    It's cheesy I know, but my one wish is to live a happy and fulfilling life.
  4. bring on the cheese...this is about all i'm looking for at this point. :smile:
  5. I want to be around for a really long I can see my kids have kids...and them have kids too!!!
  6. To know what true love feels like (& keep it).
  7. That is a good one....I hope you get that wish!!!:love:
  8. Whirlled Peas :P
  9. I was heartbroken when he left the Dodgers!
  10. To be able to support myself financially all of my life; not having to depend on another person.
  11. A gentler, kinder, society. A movement advocating civility again. Peace here and abroad. Working with one another vs against one another...oh yes, that President Bush's tenure expired at the end of this week as opposed to Jan. 2009. :sad:
  12. Tough question! I guess my answer would be for Liverpool FC to win the Premiership title with a team spearheaded by Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard within the next three seasons - is that too much to ask? :biggrin:
  13. Good one :smile:

    As of right now, I wish I would be able to find a nice place to live, since I am moving in 2.5 weeks, and no place yet :sad: I am so stressed.

    Long term, my wish is the same as dawny's :smile:
  14. Having had cancer not once but twice, I would have to wish for good health for myself and my family. You don't really appreciate it til you don't have it. So, no::sick: for people I care about!
  15. I wish my kids will always be safe, happy and content!