One white summer dress, five bags to choose from...which one though?


Which bag to go with my white dress?

  1. mono Recital

  2. Azur Pochette

  3. lilac Epi Pochette

  4. Miroir Pochette

  5. CB Pochette

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  1. Hi all!

    I need your opinion...
    I'm going to a couple of birthday dinners on Monday (one for my coworker and the other for my boyfriend's mom) and I plan on wearing my frilly 3-tier white summer dress and I'm having difficulties picking out a small bag to go with it.

    I don't think the dinners are very fancy, although the places we're going are nice restaurants (although not fine-FINE dining) I don't want to overdo my outfit.

    I will be wearing sandals or peep toe shoes...either my silver peep toe kitten heels or white/beige/pink sandals.

    Please help me choose which bag I should bring are the pics, please excuse the mess on my bed.

    with Mono Recital:

    with Azur Pochette:

    with lilac Epi Pochette:

    with Miroir Pochette:

    with pink CB Pochette:
    wrecital.jpg wazur.jpg wlilac.jpg wmiroir.jpg wcb.jpg
  2. I'd go with the Silver Miroir or the Lilac Epi :yes:
  3. I think the lilac will best complement the dress. It looks harmonious together whereas the other just does not look as harmonious.
  4. miroir pochette! i think it'll add a little glitz to a girly dress.
  5. i'll go with your white/beige/pink sandals with pink CB pochette ... :biggrin:
  6. Lilac or Miroir.
    I think the lilac looks the best because it's a nice Summery colour to suit your dress
  7. lilac epi pochette. :smile:
  8. I agree and then save for that new suhali clutch in white:graucho:
  9. lol...the thought of dirtying white Suhali leather scares me though, sounds like I'm going for the black knowing how obsessed I am with little dirt marks!!
  10. I will go for Pink CB Pochette.
  11. My first choice would be the miroir and my second would be lilac, but I'm sure you would look lovely regardless of which bag you carried. :yes:
  12. My vote goes to the Silver Miroir or the Lilac Epi pochette.
  13. Miroir or epi! xx
  14. My vote goes to azur or epi lilac :tup:
  15. Use the lilap epi pochette to your coworker's dinner, then the miroir pochette for your BF's mother's dinner....:graucho: