One White Coco Cabas Available

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one "Baby" Coco Cabas available in white for $1795.
    white coco cabas.JPG
  2. ooh. how pretty! unfortunately I'm beginning my ban, well as of right now i will be! :biggrin:
  3. Wow...I love the white!!!! what size is this?? is this bigger that the baby cabas?
  4. He said in his post that it is the "Baby" cabas if I read that correctly and understood what he meant.
  5. Yes, it is the Cruise Cabas from 2007.
  6. I saw this and thought it would be gone by now. Is it still there? That's the bag I want.
  7. Nevermind. Called and only a small denim is in stock.
  8. It is gone, sorry to say.
  9. someone was one lucky Beeeeeeeeeeeeee.