One Week to go and I CANT TAKE IT!!! BOOHOO

  1. I have a week more to go on my internship and literally i am at my breaking point!!! I hate it :sad: Soe people here are really great and others are kinda rude/belittling...i mean i know i should expect it as an intern but it makes me nuts to make matters worse the whole summer i have been working with another intern who is like the most competative person in the world and a complete suck up and "mr perfect" and bc i started later I have been literally getting all the work he doesnt want all summer. IT makes me crazy here like it was 11 weeks of being told "your not good enough". I know probably alot of it is my own insecurities and yes i am insecure, but honestly its like everyone goes up to him and tells him how smart he is and how great he is and then people act like im not there or complement me being "bubbly" or "cute" or "nice outfit".....which is nice and all but I am smart and hard working and it gets me nowhere. We have to make presentations and he made his and everyone spoke about it like he cured cancer, It was really really good, and i told him it was amazing, but then one woman comes up to me and tells me "you have alot to live up to" in front of all my bosses and the other intern!!!! HOW rude is that we are on the same level!! IT makes me so upset. People call him "Dr. ____" because he is gonna go to med school and when i tel them i am too they act surprised:sad:

    Am I being too senstive.....I need support, because I am really in the dumps about it
  2. at least you only have one week left. hang in there. and just think, at least you have experience you need to go on and get a job. i start mine in september and im starting to worry that im not good enough, even though i am and make a complete fool of myself.
  3. Aw, hang in there! No one deserves to be treated like that. You're almost done, and in a few years, you'll show them what a badass you are, and that snotty boy will be the one trying to live up to YOUR standards. :winkiss:
  4. You should tell them "be nice to me...i might be your DR one day!! " :smile:)

    We know you deserve so much better than that!
  5. Unfortunately, you're going to have to get used to it! That's harsh LOL but you know, it's true. A lot of people are like super perfect and everybody seems to love them and yeah, you can work your a off and do much better then them but people will still look down at you and suggest you're nothing special. If it makes you feel better, people also expect a lot more from a-type people and when they screw up, they screw up really badly.

  6. Aww Good luck at your internship!! I know I have been counting down the weeks since my second week:wtf:, and im happy the day is almost here.
  7. AWWWWWWW:heart: thank you soooo soooo much, I feel like that like I'm gonna show them, I always feel like people think im not smart enough and i try and use it to fuel my ambition, but sometimes i stuggle wiht thinking i am not good enough. Thank you so much for your kind words
  8. Want to get through the next week with a smile on your face? All you have to do is invest a little bit of $$ in you! I'm serious.

    Here's what you do: Make a list and everyday after you get out of work, do what's on the list. Then you can spend all day thinking about that and not the mean people you have to spend the day with!

    Monday: Get Manicure
    Tuesday: Buy fabulous new lipstick/gloss
    Wednesday: Get a new CD
    Thursday: Get pedicure
    Friday: Pick up a new body scrub.

    You get the idea. These things can be big or little depending on your situation. But, it's doing a nice little something for yourself and rewarding yourself because you deserve it!

    Good luck with the last week!
  9. :heart:Thank you!!! I am just so frustrated this week, usually i just try and brush things off but I think i've hit my max...I just need to breathe and just get thru these last days
  10. I know there are gonna be people like that but its hard for me to always have tough skin as I am somewhat insecure. Thank for the "tough love":p
  11. THats a GREEAT Idea Taci:okay: I definetly will do that, and thank you for your kind words:heart: