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  1. I'm starting my yr 12 (final year of high school education in Australia:nuts:) next week! ahhhh scary! i have my HSC (High school certifcate) which is our equivalent to the LSATs i think, anyway its needed to get into uni as an undergraduate! well the course i want to go for (international fashion) has a shocking UAI of 98!! (ranking of where you come in the state its out of 100!) to put it into persepective to study medicine you need 99-99.5 and law is 97 (:cursing:one point lower!!!!!) I dont understand why fashion designers need to be braniacs but i dont decide these things! lol anyway the test that decide my UAI are in a year from now and that means im not going to have time for tPF:crybaby:! So ill see you guys later, im signing off for a while! it will probly be in december when I can pop in again and then in November of 07!!! :shrugs: My future rests on this so its really important for me right now! I'll miss you all take care see you in the future! :yes:
  2. LSATS, are for pre-law, I am pretty sure, I don't think that's what you mean....but anyway, good luck and good for you to put your studies first1
  3. wow, good luck with your studying! I can see you have a lot of discipline if you're actually giving up tPF until December! We'll miss you---keep in touch please!
  4. lol I though it was LSATS ive seen legally blonde ( i must sound really dumb now lol well i dont know what the US equvalent is lol!!!) but do you get what i mean
  5. Best of luck NM:heart: , hope you get your Hermes bag sorted out before you take a break from us.... we've got to see the pics!
  6. oh i dont think i can afford hermes just yet so it will be while im just trying to decide on what i acctually want, and i want to learn more about hermes before i acctually buy anything significant
  7. Maybe just the SAT or ACT, NM! :heart:

    Best wishes!!
  8. Ah well, the research and the hunting is fun, I will have a look at the Kelly briefcase tomorrow and let you know what I think.....
  9. Good luck! Hope you hear from you soon!
  10. hey ya!!! have fun... and totally pop back in and say HI!!! and when I come to Oz next year - I'll PM ya just to see if you can squeeze in a coffee - so totally check your PMs!!!! take care and don't study too hard!!! **hugs**
  11. goooooooood luck. come back and say hi from timeto time
  12. Oh good luck NM! I wishyou all the best! Girl study hard, and make your dreams come true! You know you can always count on the girls if you ever need help!
  13. acctually Impsola I'ma guy but your words and everyone else's mean alot to me thank you
  14. best of luck to you!
  15. Wishing you all the best.