One week after speedy repair this happened

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  1. This speedy is 12 years old. It was in awesome condition except for the vachetta pull tab ripping off after years of use.

    I got the zipper pull replaced. When they put in the new brass zipper stopper, they did a messy job and frayed the material that is connected to the zipper. Now the material ripped and the zipper is only on one side :sad:((

    A similar thing happened to a cles I had and they said they couldn't do anything about it since it was ripped, so I'm expecting a similar answer this time :/

    I just wish they I didn't repair it in the first place ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398093827.984675.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398094120.574784.jpg
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398094234.705835.jpg
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    LV is certainly declining in quality in every aspect, even making repairs! :nogood::nogood::tdown::tdown: I think it is time to look elsewhere.

  4. I mean. It's understandable that the material might fray since they're ripping out that stopper and putting in a new one. I'm a little upset but it's an older bag. I think maybe since it was an in store repair it was a messy one. I bet if they sent it out it would have been better
  5. That is really too bad:sad: from the picture your bag looks lovely though! I love the slouch and the patina:smile: what size it is?

  6. 30 :smile: thx!

  7. Hm. Could they just cut the threads that's holding down the fabric piece with the zipper and put a new one in (re-sewing of course)? It seems like a pretty easy job. You should definitely have them look at it again and tell them exactly what happened. They might even give you a new bag if this was caused by a sloppy repair job. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. LV should still be able to fix this for you. They can replace the entire zipper which will fix all issues you are currently having, I would take it in & explain what happened, but this is fixable! :smile: GL
  9. +1 :yes: I think so too.

  10. May I ask, did you have to pay for the repair and how much? And sorry for seeing your purse didn't get a good repair job.
  11. Bull crap. They better fix that!
  12. It was a faulty repair, and I wouldn't let it go, I'd take it back to the manager and be firm about getting it repaired correctly
  13. Take it back in and tell them you want it sent out for a proper repair. That is unacceptable. Their quality control can be totally pathetic!

  14. It was free! If they charged me to ruin my bag I would flat out cry. Haha.
  15. +1!!!!!!