One way to scam maybe? Need help.. :(

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  1. Hello! Firstly my issue might seem petty, it's not about a bag, and not about a large amount of money, but it's about eBay and PayPal.

    I bought a Lady Shaver from a UK seller. As a student I usually use eBay for weirdest little everyday things, because everything is like double the price here in Finland compared to buying from eBay.

    I checked my feedback, I have bought 70 items from eBay during the past 2 years (never sold anything), and never has an item got lost!

    And now I've been waiting for 2 weeks for the freakin' shaver.. I don't understand where it is? Sending packets within EU should be so safe? I mostly buy from the UK, and stuff gets delivered usually within a week.

    I contacted a few days ago the seller like this:

    "Hi! :smile: Thank you for the fast shipping! I noticed my item has been sent on 24st of January, but I have not received it yet. It has now been 10 business days..12 actual days. I wonder do you have a tracking number, or a code (receipt number) I could take with me to the post office for them to check if they have it in the storage room. From UK to Finland it does not usually take this long, because there's no customs. Thank you!

    warm regards,


    "hi it was posted on 24.1 via airmail, the label was printed through paypal with details shown on your order page, it should have been with you by now.
    If you havnt received by the start of the week let me know and i will refund. I send you my apologies for non receipt but i will claim postage for non delivery

    English is not my own language, therefore I have to ask.. Did I get it right, he wants me to pay for shipping of an item I never got??? If this is the case, can I file a PayPal dispute, and then get all my money back, also shipping money? How can he do that? The item was only 7,99 pounds, and shipping 5 pounds, but it's still almost half of the amount I paid. I know it's not a big amount, but it's a matter of principal. Shouldn't the seller choose a safe shipping method or otherwise stand for the outcome? For 5 pounds, I get lunch for a week at the university cafeteria :biggrin:

    I later checked his feedback, he has 98,4% positive, and a few problems with dispatch.. Stupid me I should have checked beforehand! :sad:

    Could it be he never sent it, just wants to collect shipping money?

    Here's the email I got:



    Is there a shipping method like this? Does PayPal organize this?

    Thank you so much in advance for your thoughts :flowers:
  2. I think the seller means that if you don't receive it, he will refund you and in turn get his own money back from the shipping company since it then would be lost in the mail?

    I know you can print shipping labels through paypal, so maybe there is a tracking number listed for you if you logon to your paypal-account?
  3. Thank you so much! :smile: I searched for a tracking number, but I could not find it.. I'll check again :smile:
  4. Nope, no tracking number at my PayPal account :sad: It does say shipping is insured..this seems to be OK, I just have no idea what the seller meant..he was being so vague..or then my English really needs improvement :P
  5. It means that he will refund you and in turn claim from from the company he used to post (since if it was lost in the mail, the fault lies with the courier company)! He is being a responsible seller. Please give it a few more days to arrive since this seller seems genuine enough.
  6. If you do not know how to find that tracking number on your Paypal page, ask the seller to e-mail it to you. I do not see that seller tried to scam you or anything. May just shipping delay, which can happen everywhere.
  7. OK, thank you! :smile: It's so difficult to know because I have not sold anything, and never shipped from Finland to another country. I have no idea what is possible :sad: Just my imagination going on... I feel relieved :smile:
  8. Yes your seller does not seem like they are out to scam you.
    I would give it a couple of more days as the post can be slow while shipping anywhere.
    I hope that you receive your item.
  9. Hei Christa! I also live in Finland. If the seller sends you via airmail, not signed for or airsure, there is no tracking number for the parcel. But I would not worry yet, it has sometimes taken about 3 weeks for packages to get to where I live when they have taken the more scenic route.
  10. ^^ haha, the more scenic route.
    Crista, I believe the seller and he sounds to be on the up and up.
    Keep us informed.

  11. Hang in there.. your seller seems to be easy enough to deal with...
  12. Hahahaha, that is a GREAT way of putting it :roflmfao: - i sometimes say that if i arrive late somwhere, even if its just because i couldnt decide on what purse to wear.... Never heard of mail doing it, but that is a really fun way to describe a postage delay.

    And Christa, you should be fine. It will either arrive soon or you will get your money back. I know it can be hard not to worry when you don't know, but you'll be fine here. :hugs:
  13. Thank you all :smile:
    LOL Elina :biggrin: I live in the capital, and everything arrives usually within a week, and UK is the country I have most eBay-shopping experience with :smile: might be that all the other sellers have used another shipping method..but then again..this email said 3-5 business days. But now I'm not worried anymore, because I'll claim my money back just before my PayPal claim deadline, and I should be covered, right? :smile: If I now want my money back from this guy, and have to buy this item from another seller, it'll still take another week at least before I get the item :smile: So I'll wait. You are so great for supporting me on this silly little thing :biggrin: But a good lady grooming device is a must have ;D
  14. Let us know how it all turns out!
  15. Hi again! :smile: Nothing yet.. I now have one week left before my PayPal claim date expires (that's Sunday Feb. 21st). I told the seller that I want to wait a bit longer. I said that I'll wait until Feb. 16th, and then I want a refund (this leaves 5 days for the refund to show, and leaves my PP claim option open just in case). He emailed me on Friday (12th), that he could try getting me another one to resend, if I want. I have not yet replied to that, because I'm thinking no.. That's quite risky, because if the shipping takes more than a week, I miss my PP claim date. So..2 more business days to wait, and then a refund.. But what kind of feedback should I leave him? That's the question I'm contemplating now..maybe a neutral stating what happened?? :thinking: