One watch two looks (almost as good as a reversible belt!)

  1. As some of you may remember, I bought an H-our watch a few weeks ago:

    I promised that I would post pix of my potiron croc strap when I receive it. Well, I got it! As you can see, it's a very fun neutral color. Whereas the black croc is very dressed-up and elegant, the potiron is very fun and casual. Even though it's a "color," I actually think it's more of a flamboyant neutral, so it compliments many different styles. I tried it on with a few different looks for fun. (Sorry- a few of the pix are blurry)

    Outfit #1

    Wolford dress
    Christian Louboutin Hi-Tina heels
    35cm gold Birkin

    Outfit #2

    Michael Kors top
    jeans (funny label that I can't read)
    Sergio Rossi boots
    Hermes orange clic-clac bracelet
    35cm gold Birkin

    Outfit #3 (Kinda unflattering picture, but I included it to show that the potiron is like a neutral b/c it even works with an all-red outfit.)

    Valentino chiffon dress
    Valentino purse
    Sergio Rossi snakeskin heels
  2. Gorgeous!!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. *sigh*

    Valentino....gorgeous on you! ( the watch is very nice too;) )
  4. Wow!!! Beautiful, smurfet!!! Love your outfits and how you coordinated the potiron watch strap as a neutral!!! Love your pics!!! You have a 2 die for figure!!
  5. You look gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  6. Outfit #1

    Wolford dress
    Christian Louboutin Hi-Tina heels
    35cm gold Birkin

    OMG! That Wolford dress is TDF!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. Damn ... you have a killer figure!!! How do you do it?
  8. Smurfet--you look incredible! I love how you described Potiron as more of a flamboyant neutral; I love all your outfits, but #2 is my favorite--it really shows how well the Potiron goes with earthy tones especially. Oh dear....can feel myself getting sucked into the watch area....must resist.
  9. smurfet, have you removed your photos? I can't see any pictures.
  10. Sorry! Here are the pix again. (Picture management problems! :cursing: )
  11. Thanks ladies! It's definitely a lot of fun to mix and match!

    Orchids- Your resistence is futile. I too got "sucked into it" after seeing PBC's watch.
  12. OMG! You're REALLY gorgeous, Smurfet! :yes:

    Your last outfit is very "Marilyn Monroe"! :heart:
  13. amazing smurfet!!! u have such a heavenly figure!!!!!!!!! i just ordered the fuschia croc strap. was debating on potiron/orange/fuschia and went with fuschia but now it looks like i'm going to have to do potiron or orange as well!!! that valentino dress & purse are GORGEOUS!!!! wowwowwow!!!! i saw the floor length version of it at Neimans awhile back! STUNNING!! i love ur pics!! u are so classy!!!
  14. Wow, Smurfet, you are so gorgeous!
  15. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and I love the Valentino dress!