One vs Many

  1. I have an insane obsession with handbags (don't we all?). I spend way too much time just looking and coveting handbags at the mall or even online. Unfortunately, I can't afford to purchase all the bags I'm drooling over. I am however, buying lottery tickets every week so hopefully that will change soon.

    Until then, in order to feed my obsession, should I spend $1500 on one high end designer bag (because I am a brand whore) or spend the same amount to get 3 mid-level designer bags?

    How do you decide?

  2. Buy the bag you love! What do you consider mid-lever designer, just wondering.
  3. Buy the one higher end designer bag. Down the line you will be glad you did!
  4. I love them all! :heart: And therein lies the problem...

    Mid-level are the ones around $300-$600 like the Cole Haans, IF, Koobas (on sale), etc. I guess I'm on the Neiman Marcus/Saks sites too much. They separate them as premiere designer vs designer handbags.
  5. I vote for high end only because I have been there and done that. Purse addictions seem to start out in the more comfortably priced 'designer' arenas. By comfort I mean you more easily stop sweating the gut wrenching $300 price tag. But suddenly the high of a quality bag has you scrambling for another fix. Suddenly $700 is "worth it". That high really makes your head spin and you start seeing stars. Isabella Fiore did that for me while Coach and Juicy Couture and Kooba were the start ups. Then it's just a hop skip and a jump to $1000. (Gucci for me) After that $1500 - $2000 becomes "What's the big deal?" And if it is ON SALE - welllll then. ALrighty NOW. You are home and guilt free. So why not get the most powerful fix right from the start? It actually SAVES you money - LOLOL!!! How's THAT logic!!!!:rolleyes:
  6. OMG!!!! I'm in trouble....I'm new to this forum and I actually understood that logic!!!!:nuts:
  7. high end :smile: for me after getting the high end bag i will stop craving for other mid level bags but if i get the mid level bags instead i'll definitely still dream after the high end bag :p
  8. I think it really depends on how varied your wardrobe is, what bags you have at the moment and how soon you will be able to save another $1,500.

    If you tend to have a very limited wardrobe and/or already have plenty of non-designer bags, that are suitable for different occasions and you will be able to save another $1,500, within the next 6 months; then buy the R-T-W designer bag, as a treat. :yes: You will love it! :biggrin:

    However, if you have a more varied taste in clothes and/or don't have many bags at all and will not be able to save another $1,500 for years, it might be wiser to buy three less expensive bags (e.g. one with silver hardware, one with gold hardware and one clutch bag) and wait until you can afford more than one R-T-W designer bag per year, before buying one.

    As, unfortunately, your craving for R-T-W designer bags will not end with just one!

    Alternatively, if you can bring yourself to wait for the sales and buy two R-T-W designer bags for $1,500, that might be a good compromise!

    Either way, if I were you, I'd stop wasting my money on lottery tickets and save that money to buy the bag(s) I wanted.

    If you spend $10 per week on lottery tickets, you are wasting $520 per year!
  9. Depends on how many bags you already you have a white, brown and black...if so go for 1 high end to add...if not, get classic as you can to tie you over until you can save and add.
  10. I think that you should buy whatever bag you like the most (and hopefully that bag will also be very That's what I do. If I don't get the one I like most, I keep thinking about it and sometimes regret not getting it. Since your budget is somewhat limited you could get the $1500 bag (if it's first on your list) but be prepared to cut back on bag purchases for a little while. I'm hoping to win the lottery some day too!
  11. I would go for the one top of the line bag, provided it is not overly trendy and won't be dated by next season. I would rather have one or two classic and timeless bags a year than 6 lower-priced bags that still leave me pining for the one I didn't buy.
  12. I'd buy three mid-level bags!!! More pleasure!!! :biggrin:
  13. I'd buy one high end, just because of all of the trouble I get myself into buying more than one handbag...then I get into buying mode...I wind up buying three handbags, then lusting after the high-end one until I get it, then wanting more since I'm on a purse quest and winding up with far too many purses!!!!!

    However, if you actually have self-restraint, I agree with chloe that you should see what fits your wardrobe best. I definitely wouldn't buy three similar bags. maybe one in brown, one in black and one in white, so you have a bag for all seasons and outfits or maybe a large bag, an everyday bag and a going out for quality...there are some mid-level brands that I feel are higher quality than really high-end brands. Since they can't rely on their name alone to sell anything and everything they make, they have to use the best leather and craftsmanship to win over their market. Of course, this isn't always the case, but if you look good and hard, I'm sure you'll be able to find three midlevel bags that are spectacular and only lacking in a flashy brand name.

    Of course, if you go with the one high-end bag, pick one you will get the most use out of. if you spend your life at work, get a great tote. if you spend it going out- an amazing night bag. Spend it running errands- a versatile, durable ahouler bag.

    Just my more than two cents!!
    You have to let us know what you decide and post pics when you get it/them!!!!!
  14. Forgot to mention- If you don't plan on buying more bags in the next year, don't buy anything too trendy...resist the urge! You will only wind up lusting for another bag next month when the trends inevitably change. Of course, if you want only trendy bags, you could spread out the purchases of your three mid-level bags over a several months to a year and only carry one super-trendy bag at a time.
  15. omg, this post spoke to me! this forum is so freaking awesome

    i'm a day laborer who actually saved up all of last year to embark on this purse shopping journey. i decided to go for the 3 bags instead of 1 expensive since i'm just beginning to educate myself in brand, quality and style. but that's just me :p

    i'm just having trouble getting started!