One Tree Hill

  1. Anyone know if this is coming back? I only started watching it last season -like the last three weeks and I got hook, only to find out over the summer that it may get axed :sad:. Now I don't know what its fate is? Will Nathan drown? Who's really pregnant? Will Dan confess to killing his brother? Aaahhghghg!!! So many unanswered questions! I need to know :wondering
  2. I can't wait!! I just bought a tivo so I can record OTH & Lost since they are on the same day, same time. The first episode Dan assaults Deb since he thinks she's the one who wrote MURDER on the wall. I hope they all survive maybe not so much Rachel LOL! I don't think she's supposed to be a regular just a guest star. Oh no..I just checked the website & now she's a regular. I don't like her that much. That leaves me wondering if Coop dies...NO!!! We'll just have to wait another week to find out.
  3. Gosh he's so cute, too cute to die :P
  4. I LOVE CHAD! and im still on season 1"""
  5. Last nights episode was kinda exciting.....we just started season 4.
  6. oki, i didnt get to see it.. but did nathan drown? who arrived to help them?

    oh my god.. ok i cant come back to this thread its runing season one.. hahah disk 4 doesnt work so i missed the accident that lucas gets into and all that. so usad..


    okay...everyone gets out of the car, Lucas comes to help (remember he was on his way to bring Hailey her purse w/ the tickets). Cooper is in a coma. Brooke & Hailey went to the doctors & one of them is pregnant. Brooke broke up with Lucas. Dan wants to get even with Deb & wants to help Karen raise the new baby. And Karen admitted to Lucas that she's still in love with Dan...he asked Karen out on a date she declined of course. That's pretty
    much it.

  9. Has anyone been watching?? Peyton's half brother is creepy & totally obsessed w/ her in the nastiest way. Poor Haylie did you hear what Nathan told her at Trik about Lucas & brooke's pregnancy..."How can you tell a guy his life is over". When really it's Haylie pregnant & Brooke was nice enough to say it was her. Do you believe that Rachel really saw Keith in the water? I don't so I think she just found out about Nathan seeing Keith & that's a way to get closer to him. I'm kind of happy seeing Dan going to consueling (sp?) & he & Karen still love each other but he does need to confess about Keith. I'm really satisfied with this season so far!!:yes:
  10. I have been watching!!! :biggrin:

    I am sooooo mad about how they are trying to get Rachel to break up Nathan & Haylie!!! I looooove Nathan & Haylie together...

    I don't think that Peyton's half brother is really her half brother...I think he is just some creepo from the internet. Remember when he said that he would listen to her podcasts?

    I thought for sure it was Brooke that was pregnant...that was a twist!
  11. I wonder how Nathan will take it when Haylie comes clean. Will he be another Dan & go to another woman (Rachel)??!

    I have a feeling Peyton & Lucas are going to get closer after the next eppy. I agree I think when she announced that she had a half bro on her webcam, that gave that weirdo a way to get to her.
  12. Rachel's such a wh*re!! i HATE her!! as beautiful as she is, of course, i love haley & nathan. i mean, they're haley & nathan for god's sakes! nobody touches that! nathan better not be that stupid. after all his efforts when he almost lost haley to her singing career.

    ummm, i want peyton & lucas to get together already. and that psycho guy pretending to be her brother is SO sick! you saw that tattoo on his back?!?

    p.s. karen's still in love with dan????
  13. I record it even though I watch it so a friend who works Wed can come watch...and the first episode when the brother came in on the porch I said...I CALL ******** its going to be infatuated!!!! I had CHILLS watching the end last week!!!!!

    I wonder what he is going to try to do to her because the preview of course showed her running from him like a horror would be WAY creepy if the REAL BROTHER she hung up on...called while Derek and her were together