One Tree Hill - The Final Season


Jan 21, 2011
I'm loving these old scenes! I can't believe I've been watching this for 9 years. It's definitely going to make me cry by the end lol.


Sep 27, 2008
san diego
^^That's awesome, I always wanted to go to NC during filming. I heard they're is no more river court? What did they do to it?
i guess it was cut up so it would be auctioned or in a give away. this article is the last i read about it but i couldn't find anything more recent.

i had lived in wilmington briefly, which is how i got to see it filmed. i lost all the photos, though. life lesson: back up your computer files, kids! one of these days i'll go through the seventy thousand CD's from around those years to see if i actually did save them and forgot.

i loved the finale, i thought it was very sweet. it felt like a personal goodbye from the cast as much as the characters. jamie would never have gotten tall enough to play basketball, though :P


Jan 15, 2008
Here & There
^ it was sweet! i also read on James Lafferty's twitter that they tore down the hoops after filming.

i could have done without the twinterns. i LOVED the beginning when Nathan was looking back on himself on the river court as a teen, it gave me chills. i haven't really been into the Clay, Quinn, Logan story but it was so cute when he called her mom (in the back of my mind i was thinking wth you just met both these people). and it was awesome seeing the cast sing "I don't wanna be" with Gavin.

they also had me think how it was kind of open ended like with just showing Jamie's jersey back like Jamie could have a spin off for the next OTH generation.


Jul 23, 2010
i stopped watching this when they jumped 5 years ahead of time (i hate when they do that) but i couldn't miss the series finale!! it was sooo sad, now i want to watch it all again because i used to love it.