One Tree Hill/Smallville/Gilmore Girls FANS

  1. A few seasons are on sale THIS WEEK for $14.88 at Wal-Mart

    I just picked up One Tree Hill season 1 and 2 :smile:

    I know Target is doing the same sale on some of their TV sets but not sure which ones. I know a few FRIENDS are included as well

    Happy Shopping!
  2. if i wasn't against walmart.

    and if there was one near me

    i'd totally get it!

    argh. one tree hill and gilmore is my faves. next to simpsons and friends they're classics (well, maybe not one tree hill, that's just hot guys ;) )

    hmm..smallville is fun to watch too. :smile:

  3. Check Target...they have the same ad running but with diff pictures OTH is not pictured but might be in it...otherwise PRICE MATCH ;)

    I am still dying for Tru Calling to NOT be $45 erg
  4. I just might have to go there this week, I still need season 3 of Gilmore Girls.
  5. ahhhhhhh anyone watch SMALLVILLE?? my fav show EVER...! tom welling is just soooo cute and justin hartley who plays the green arrow? D A M N. anyway, by the looks of this thread there aren't too many smallville fans lingering on this forum...i could chat endlessly about clark:heart:lana and esp. after seeing the previews for upcoming shows...!

    oh well, i feel alone. no one likes smallville :sad:
  6. ha ha... nevermind this post is old.
  7. I love Smallville & One Tree Hill! I actually watch Smallville w/ my 3 year old he loves Superman (well all superheroes). Tom Welling is cute but Justin Hartley is drop dead gorgeous!! :drool:
  8. i love One Tree Hill & Gilmore Girls. I don't watch Smallville anyore, but I watch Supernatural. All of them are really good - I just don't have enough time and TiVo's.