One Tree Hill Season 8

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  1. Anybody watching Season 8? Saw there's a thread for Season 7 but none for Season 8!
  2. I'm still watching! I'll always be an OTH fan but this season is really pushing it. It's boring but I won't give up on the show just yet. It was pretty boring last season as well until the crazy ex came back and shot Quinn and Clay, lol.

    I honestly keep waiting for Dan Scott to come back and create some drama. I'm bored with everyone...
  3. ^I agree. I hope this is the final season. It has become really boring, and they should just end it right. They should bring back Lucas & Peyton (but due to $ they didnt)...
  4. I love OTH, but this season isn't seasn "GR8" like some people are calling it. It's ridiculously over the top, to the point where it's stupid. Ghost-like Quinn + Clay? No thanks.
  5. Just like Prison Break 3
  6. Really? I loved that show! Wenthworth Miller is so HOT!!! Is that why they ended it? I never knew that.
  7. I know it sounds really bad, but was a bit annoyed quin and clay survived, they are such an annoying perfect couple and why aren't they worried about crazy girl who shot them, maybe I missed something here?

    I liked the episode cross over with life unexpected, it was better than I thought it would be:smile:
  8. You definitely missed something...Quinn has been having nightmares, she was seeing Katie when she really wasn't there, was hiding a gun in her dresser. They're worried but I am assuming she's locked up..
  9. It reminds me of the crazy nanny plot.
  10. i watched the first episode of this season and that's about it.... not desire to watch any other episodes.
  11. I'm still watching.... hoping it gets better.
  12. ^^ And it's not better! I've been watching and this last week's ep I used my DVR to fast forward most of it. So BORING. I wasn't even interested in the scene's for next week.
  13. I know the best thing about the show at the moment is the music, other than that really dull!
  14. The music is always great.

    I am a huge OTH fan and this season is a bit lackluster - but I am hoping for it to pick up and find a better plot! BRING back Lucas and Peyton pleaseee
  15. I've watched all the episodes so far but missed last nights. Does anyone know where I can stream it? It's not on the CW site yet or on hulu!