One thing you like and one thing you dislike about your S.O...

  1. One thing I like: He doesn't freak out when I talk about getting married and having kids.

    One thing I dislike: His profession! Way too stressful, risky, etc.
  2. one thing i like: only one? :smile: he treats me as well (even better sometimes!) as i treat myself.

    one thing i don't: he's gone a lot for his job/school. it gets lonely.
  3. Like: That he likes the same geeky things that I do
    dislike: He doesn't seem to believe in doing chores.
  4. Like: He's very thoughtful and giving.
    Dislike: He procrastinates a lot.
  5. I don't like that I don't have one right now:rolleyes:
  6. like : he knows me so well, he knows how to handle my stubborness and persistence
    dislike : we work together and he's such a contro freak sometimes he just keep on checking on me, so most of our fights is about jobs
  7. Like: Too many to list! He's an amazing dad to our son, he has most of the same interests as I do, he does all kinds of sweet little things that make my life easier or nicer, like pumping up my bike tires if he notices they need it or bringing me a bowl of ice cream...stuff like that, he can fix or build absolutely anything (his nickname was MacGyver), he can do bird calls that fool even the birds!, he helps equally with all the chores around the house...just pretty much everything.

    Dislike: He's very shy and self-conscious in group settings and doesn't have the greatest social skills, so he can come across as aloof or arrogant to people who don't know him well. I couldn't stand him when I first met him!
  8. My husband came from a well to do Texas family, and the thing that I like about him the most if that he is not pretentious. He is just a cowboy type, he is who he is. If he had a billion dollars he would be just who he is. I don't like the snuff dippin to much, but I never say anthing about it. At least he doesn't smoke. My husband is a TEXAN!!!! Thats what they do round har.:supacool:
  9. Like: There's so much, he's truely amazing. I think the top thing is how he love me the same no matter how dorky, random, geeky, annoying etc. I can be.

    Dislike: He's way more laid back than me and sometimes it drives me nuts. Like if we have to be somewhere I must be there way ahead of time and I often rush around like a maniac and he just sits there not doing anything. That drives me nuts.
  10. I like that my SO. is very humorous... we be laughing all day long

    I dislike that my SO procrastinates... he always waits til the last minute
  11. I dislike that he smokes cigars
    I like everything else about him
  12. 1. He is an amazing father!!!:love:

    2. Getting him to do "IT" is like pulling teeth!:hysteric:
  13. Like: So many...he's brilliant !
    Dislike: He's too generous giving the "opinion' when not needed especially about my purchases..
  14. Like: He is always concerned about making me hapy and puts up with me! and thousands of other things I could list.

    Dislike: He never plans ahead, and I am anal about details so that drives me nuts sometimes!
  15. Like: He lets me buy LV and soon Hermes bags and actually is happy for me (for the most part).

    Dislike: He is messy and never picks up after himself and forgets everything!!!!