One thing to warn ebay buyers about?

  1. I would tell people NEVER to buy any fragrance on eBay - Learn from my mistake - I have been taken badly -phony packaging, fragrance etc. - What is your lesson for buyers?
  2. You all probably know this but if its to good to be true...then it is what it is.
  3. So sorry this happened to you - can you not file a claim>
  4. I'm sorry about it, SuzyZ :sad:

    I ever bought sunglasses from UK seller with over 1000 feedbacks and I paid soo high shipping cost. Know what I received?? Sunglasses in thick envelope, w/o box, bubble plastic etc and one of the lenses broke by bad package!
  5. Oh goodness I have never bought perfume on eBay but would never really have thought about fakes, thanks for posting! File a claim if you paid by paypal & report seller to eBay!
  6. I would say always check THEIR feedback AND the feedback they have left for others. It gives you a great idea of what sort of seller they will be. This doesn't mean that just because they have negatives they should be avoided - but you should check the comments, as these give you more information!
  7. ALWAYS, always, ALWAYS use a credit card when you're paying with paypal.
    NEVER use funds directly out of your paypal account.
    In the event that you have to file a claim, for any reason, your credit card company will always be more helpful than Paypal.
    Also, even if Paypal finds in your favor, if there's no money in the SELLER's account to refund you, you get NOTHING.

    Oh, and remember that almost everything comes in counterfeit form.
    And just because a seller has 100% positive, it means nothing. I've seen powersellers who sell ALL counterfeit merchandise. They get great feedback because they're buyers don't know any better. So research what you're buying in order to be able to tell the real and the fake. Go back to the seller's past auctions to see what they've sold in the past.
  8. NEVER pay with a money order for a high-priced item. I've done this, never received my item, and I'm out of luck. Also, never agree to a transaction outside of eBay. If you do, eBay will not back you up if you don't get your item. (Yes, I'm guilty of doing both of these things at once. Never again!)

  9. I agree! All of this is extremely important, and both of these things really infuriate me. I've even seen the 100% positive sellers with the fake merchandise write GUIDES on how to spot fakes! And even include fake invoices/receipts! Be careful!! If you have any questions on authenticity, take it to the appropriate subforum here, because the experts here REALLY know their stuff!
  10. Pay with a credit card!
    However, the couple of times I have bought fragrances on ebay I couldn't have been happier.
  11. I would have to agree with if it is too good to be true, it is..... and I had to go through that exercise yet again.... (well, the second time).

    Sratsey: just a question: you said you get nothing if there is nothing in the account but what about ebay's standard protection? I talked to paypal about my dispute and they told me I would get for sure £105 if i could prove it was a fake? is that not true?
  12. Here is my best advice...never buy anything from Hong Kong!
  13. ^ fake can come from anywhere, not just Hong Kong.

    Know your product, know what you are bidding on. research, research, research. Anything that makes money can be faked. Toys, car parts, purses, clothes, pharmacuticals.....
  14. Always keep track of the paypal deadline, which is that there are 45 days to file a paypal claim, if you miss it then you're out of luck. Paypal won't usually reimburse more than $250 for an item out of it's own pocket. Definently don't believe everything you see. Some sellers write guides to try to attract attention to their auction listings.