One thing to love about Moscow

Apr 17, 2006
I'm an American, but I live in Moscow. A fact that I'm not overly thrilled about. But, there is one upside to living in Moscow. If you've got the cash, you can have anything you want. You like LV? Great, walk into the shop and grab whatever you like...Miroir, they have pleanty...waitlist??? what waitlist, you want it, you've got it! Leopard LVs, which one were you looking for? We've got that too.
The same goes for Balenciaga, Hermes and probably any other brand as well.
Girls here dress up, and they love name brands, but the idea of limited editions and "it" bags has not hit the population yet, so girls go into a shop and pick just based on what they like. There is no such thing as knowing what's coming, getting on waitlists, getting the new bag.
Oh well, better for me!
I live in Jakarta, and everybody seems very conscious about the latest mode, especially The Miroir line, which had been sold out since the first time it came into the boutique.. OMG :wtf:
I am from Russia, not Moscow but been there many times...I can tell you that "it" bag did hit them a long time ago. Just 2 years ago, I had to send a Balenciaga bag over to my friend (they were sold out everywhere at one point). And even though Russia is closer to France, Italy etc. then US, I find that the prices on some designer goods are much better here. In my opinion the reason some LE stuff are still in the stores is only because there is not enough people who can "really' afford it. Majority people with money are "Nuova Russians" and most of them came from the "bottom" some don't even have class, so they buy literally what they see - the idea of "IT" doesn't exist to them since they can have anything they want, IF they want, for any price.

Appearance to Russian women is everything so overall they dress nice. Over there you're either filthy rich or can only afford one nice outfit, one pair of shoes and if you're lucky enough, one nice bag that you will wear for like 10 years if not more. The economy is getting better but they still have a long way to go, IMO

I heard about a LV boutique in Moscow, I bealive, it is the first one in whole Russia ever! It must be close to Red Square - Is it nice? My visit is long overdue...well that just gives me one more reason to go this summer:smile:
Prices are a bit higher on some brands, I find that LV is just a tiny bit more expensive. On things other than bags, however, like clothing, the prices are MUCH higher. But there is a lot of money here, it's just not well distributed. Moscow is the 3rd city in the world for billionaires and near the top of the list for millionaires as well. But most people are not in either of those categories, and many live quite poorly.
BklynG, I've been in Moscow for 7 years now. The "it" bag just does not exist here. For girls of a certain income level an "it" bag is any designer bag. There is no rush for a certain bag. As far as I recall, Balenciaga bags weren't in Moscow 2 years ago which is probably why you had to send one to your friend who must be western minded and learned about Bbags from reading western fashion mags or from visiting the west. Even now, I've only ever seen them in TSUM, but there you can snag any color you like (current season and maybe the last as well).
As for LV in Moscow, there are 2, the boutique on Red Squre (in GUM) is nice, but smaller than the other one.
"Balenciaga bags weren't in Moscow 2 years ago which is probably why you had to send one to your friend who must be western minded and learned about Bbags from reading western fashion mags or from visiting the west"

MK1976, Hm.. That thought never occured to me. I just assumed they were hard to get, so she was trying to be one of the first ones there to get it? I haven't been to Russia in 5 years, so I guess a lot have changed. I just remember how we girls were. Someone gets a hot item, and automaticly evryone must have "it". I wasn't into bags then (maybe the reason you've described IS why), but it was like that with shoes & clothes. My friend isn't wealthy (the oposite if anything) she doesn't travel, now I am curriouse of how she got an idea of a B bag in her I must call her:smile:

Wow, not one but two LV Boutiques in Moscow! I can't bealive it, that's crazy - are their SA's as snoby as some here, or the service is nice?

May I ask you ( please do not feel obligated to respond), how and why did you end up in Moscow? It's a great place to have fun (if you spend money), but to live? I don't know...When my fiance once said he wanted to move there temperaraly to make money...I had nightmares for weeks. We have friends that moved there for business, and now don't even want to come back to US. To me it is so weird specially after I spent half of my life trying to get out of the contry...maybe it's getting better? I live in NY for 13 years now and I couldn't be happier.
I find the SAs to be the nicest sales people in all of Moscow (and I'm sure you know how pleasant Russian sales girls are :cursing: ). But, they are nice to me bc they know that I know LV better than most people in Moscow (which isn't hard, I know far, far less than 99.9% of the girls and boys on this site).
Why do I live here, bc my husband has a good job here that allows us to live a certain lifestyle while saving $$ at the same time. Which, is the only reason any westerner lives here. The expat community here is large and close, so you get into your own little world. I'm getting a bit more personal than I'm comfortable w/ on the public space, but if you want to send me a PM, I'd gladly ans any question you have.
Wow, I knew I should've taken the train over from St. Petersburg when I lived there this fall. Oh well, I'll take it in the summer instead. But am I the only one that noticed the number of fakes there? I love St. Petersburg (haven't been to Moscow, so I can't talk about there), but while being there I saw *all* the fakes that we laugh about in the worst fakes thread, including the really "creative" ones..
OMG, in Moscow you can walk into a reputable store and buy a fake. 99% of all the bags are fake. And people don't know or care that they are carrying fake. They are just as proud of their fakes as they would be about a real one (not that they even know that what they are carrying is a replicated bag).
In fact, my husband bought me a fake Chanel in a nice store. He had no idea. He brought it home, totally proud. I told him it was a fake before I had it out of the box. He said, "No, it cost me $500." To which I replied, "Well a real one would run you about a thousand more." He quickly dashed out of the apt in hopes that he could return it.
Oh, I should take a pic of the window in the store next to me. There are the craziest looking fake bags you have ever seen! I saw a hot pink MC bag the other day on a girl who was proud as punch over her new bag!