One thing to eat for the rest of your life?

  1. It is so hard to answer this because eating is my life if i can only eat one thing meaning my life is so boring:crybaby:drool:.
    Anyway, my choice would be ice cream... but i will be so fat though.
  2. Udon. I eat it almost daily.
  3. Avocados and string cheese...LOVE 'em!

    I know...totally weird! :lol:
  4. Tacos....yes, Im a picture of good health.
  5. Eggs, you can cook them so many different ways so maybe that would help with the boredom.
  6. Coffee and peanut butter!
  7. Popcorn! :popcorn:
  8. Cucumber water, lol. It isn't a food, but I could drink it forever and ever and never get tired of it!!

    Food-wise...strawberries :drool: SO says cheese or pasta though!
  9. Pasta... think of all the sauces and different shapes, helps the variety!
  10. pizza and coke for me
  11. Lay's Sour Cream chips with my Coke:drool:
  12. ice cream and pizza...yum!
  13. yumm.... tacos...

    I'd actually have to go with potatoes, any which way. I can never get enough of em.
  14. Sushi!!!