One Subforum for the most popular up & coming designers?

  1. I had a humble suggestion which I recently bought up in the Hayden Harnett subforum request thread, so forgive me if I am being redundant.

    A larger percent of my time on tPF is now spent in the Handbags section looking through various threads on different newer designers, esp. Rebecca Minkoff, Hayden Harnet, etc. In response to Meg's concern w/having a HH subforum and what happened to the Dooney subforum, I understand that to give each of these designers their own subforum would be premature at this point, esp. as we can't guess the long-term successs of such a thread, and obviously their following is on a smaller scale than LV, Balenciaga, Hermes, etc. So.....

    What about one subforum for several of these popular designers together (the designer can be "voted" in or out basically by how many threads and posts they generate within a given period or through polls???) with each having their own section within the forum.

    For instance the following designers, if they were the ones w/the most following, could potentially have their own section if the consoldiated "relatively new designer" subforum was approved at any future date:

    1. Rebecca Minkoff
    2. Hayden Harnett
    3. Gryson (not as personally acquainted w/ these designs but see the name all the time...)
    4. Jenny Yuen
    5. Belen Enchandia

    perhaps Gustto? but don't think this designer is as popular yet.

    Thank you for your consideration, Megs and Vlad, and mods.

    Also, what does everyone honestly think of this idea?
  2. ^love It!
  3. I was actually searching for a post on this and voila :biggrin: Love it too... anyone else feeling this?