One step gel?

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  1. Which brands have you tried?

    I'm looking at the onedor polishes on Amazon.

    I like the idea of it because it typically takes me a good hour to do my gel so I feel like it'd cut it down. But I'm worried they won't last as long as traditional gel.
  2. I have tried China Glaze , it does require a topcoat. It started chipping off in two days . I have also tried the Fingerpaints one sold at Sallys and Sally Hansens one step one. None of them worked very well. My nails tend to be dry , but I use conditioners and oil on them 3-4 times a day. Some of them have worked well for other people . I use the regular gel that you use a light for, and this works best for me.
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  3. Yeah these ones are cureable in a light. Instead of base color and top coat. It's just all one.

    I didn't know China glaze made one.
  4. There's a company, Canadian I believe, called bioseaweed gel. They have an all-in-one. I've wondered about it but never tried it myself.
  5. Sparksfly, I'm with you on wanting faster application. I haven't tried Onedor, but I've tried 4 other brands of one step UV/LED gel polishes so far:

    -Bundle Monster Speed Gel (sold on and Amazon)
    -Nuluv by Nailuv (sold on, got on a super deal but there are some reports of the company being difficult/shady)
    -Solo One Step Gel (sold at Ulta on clearance for $4.99 and on Amazon)
    -Nail Bliss (sold at Sally Beauty, on clearance now)

    In terms of application, Nuluv and Nail Bliss are both quite thick and Solo is thinner but luckily not runny. I've had a few issues with Solo curing (a couple of colors have wrinkled on me). Nuluv cures very shiny, which for me makes up for the slightly annoying formula. It's been several months since I tried the Bundle Monster, but it was fine.

    Yes, one step gels are a little faster to apply, and don't last as long. I sometimes add a gel top coat, which does extend wear and add shine.

    I have really slow removals anyway, and one steps are definitely messier than 3-step gels; the polish breaks into super tiny bits and sometimes flakes off one coat at a time. I've played around with using RNP base under a 1-step but I'm still figuring out the right balance between avoiding chips and easier removal.

    I bought a bottle of Gelish Uno from Sally Beauty but haven't tried yet. I think I read somewhere that Gelish and RCM are under the same manufacturer, so these may be almost identical to the RCM Instant Manicure sold at Ulta (that have so-so reviews). Sally's also recently started selling a one step by FingerPaints so I'm hoping to try that soon.

    Also on my wishlist are Bio Seaweed Gel (mentioned above), Madam Glam's One Step line, and David Tutera Gel (supposedly made by Solo--if only there were swatches anywhere!)

    If you try Onedor, please report back!
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  6. Madam glam has one step gels, but I have only used their regular gels (they are great!)
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