One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. Ok, this ties in with the little interesting conversation I had with my SO a few weeks ago about the Hermes keyholder (where he said he liked the design and has pronounced Hermes correctly). This morning, I spoke with him briefly on the phone and I told him that I have plans the night of April 12th. He asked me (rather suspiciously, I must add) what I was up to and I told him I'm meeting up with Queenie, MrsS, tricia, Amanda, TammyD, and all the fabulous SG girls. Upon hearing that, he said, "... The Hermes people? My god, you're meeting up with all those taitais ... Seriously, one would have to be insane to spend 5K on a bag."

    I almost wanted to correct him and tell him it's 12K :rolleyes:, not to mention that I think the SG girls are totally fabulous people!!! And if I was there in person when he made that remark, I would've smacked him upside the head. Anyways, I think it's official that my SO is going to become a H3 (Hermes Hating Hubby) if I marry him ... Heh, so much for taking a step forward, ne? :hysterics:
  2. Lol.:rolleyes: So...:confused1: Kou, r u married?:confused1:
  3. Nope, not yet. At the moment I'm not sure if I want to ... Hahaha~~ :sweatdrop: Oy ...
  4. It really doesn't matter whether your SO knows or cares about Hermes. What DOES matter is that he treats you, your interests and your friends with respect and dignity. What he said doesn't sound like playful teasing to me. If he does not seem to like or respect you or your friends based on your taste in handbags, well, at least you know now. Good luck. Remember, you deserve the best. In handbags. And in SOs!
  5. Okie, i've stupid qn. Pls don't laugh at me. What is SO?:shame:

    I noe SO as "special-order".:sweatdrop:
  6. "significant other" - boyfriend, girlfriend
  7. I wouldn't mind Special-Ordering an SO though ^^
  8. thanks, lvrjrt.
  9. i think it only matters how he treats you and repects your friends and admiration on bags. my DH loves tv-games and i'm OK with it as long as it doesn't interfere with his work and our daily lives. i share him with information on latest games though I don't play. likewise, he respects my loving on clothes and bags. i educate him on knowing brand names and he can pronounce hermes perfectly and spot the H bags on celebrities.

    i guess your SO is just making funny jokes, right? :smile:
  10. Kou,

    Didn't I see in another thread that you were once seriously thinking of getting 50 different birkins in different and or same colours with different hardware? Even if you had narrowed your choices down to your top 6 or 7, how would your SO react to seeing so many H bags, and thinking that they added up to $35,000? (when in reality, they would add up to so much more) Would you be forever hiding your purse passion and purchases from him? Would you be able to be yourself with him?
  11. Kou, to allay his fears or reservations or whatever, tell him MrsS says he can join us, and we will be nice. We promise we won't bite. :greengrin:

    Correction > we are NOT taitais. :yes: :heart:
  12. What's a taitai?
  13. ^^^The Asian equivalent of "women who lunch".
  14. ^^^I second that...!!;)
  15. Make sure you train him fully BEFORE you marry him!