One small step for most, one giant leap for ... Kou

  1. Uhm ... I think I managed to place a special order for something that is NOT Birkin or Kelly ... I can't say what it is or else I'll end up jinxing myself ... but it's going to be special indeed.:love:

    It's STILL a special order even though it's not a Birkin or Kelly, so that's definitely a giant leap for Kou~~~

    I mean, this is such an anamoly. Holy crap, what if by some strange twist of faith, ALL six of my dream bags somehow show up this year without my even ordering them :nuts: *checks credit cards for available credit*
  2. YES, YES, YES!!!!!!

    This is better than Avan's antihisthamine thread!!!!!!!

    CONGRATS, KOU!!!!!!

    PS: You still up for our special SO??
  3. Totally!! I'm totally up for the special SO!!! I want that Kelly~~~:love:
  4. cool......I gotta meet the new chick....UGH......we'll still deal with you-know-who, though!
  5. How great Kou.

    Now just sit back, wait for the bag and tell the SA "no" very firmly everytime she tries to get you to buy something you don't need.
  6. Woohoo! I should call you-know-who soon, right? My skype has been acting funky lately, can't seem to put a call through to Australia. Are you guys having any kind of storm over there?
  7. I've been really good about not buying things lately *proud*, but I am going to the sale so I'm hoping I'll be able to resist all the temptations.
  8. aww yeppie!
    congrats!!! any hints what this SO might be....
  9. Congratulations Kou! I hope that you are able to find at least a few of the beautiful bags that you dream about in 2007.
  10. Congratulations, Kou!! I hope you endure and buy only things you'll enjoy.
  11. 2007 could just be a very big year for you!
  12. Congratulations! Now we are all dying to hear the details.
  13. Congrats Kou, exciting!
  14. Spill it, Kou! :nuts: You know there is no such thing as a jinx. Let us share your SO happiness!! Can you at least drop a hint or two?
  15. I hate when you tease me Kou!!!! What did you get!