One shoe is TOO BIG - What are the best inserts??????

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  1. What are the best inserts for a high heeled, closed toe shoe when one is too big? The heel keeps slipping off my foot. If you can post a picture or link that would be great.

  2. i had custom made leather heel grips for my CLs from a cobbler because the heel inserts didn't work / stick well enough and aren't that thick, i felt pretty uncomfortable so i had to have them made and now they fit perfectly! :graucho: if they are very expensive shoes, imo i would suggest you get them custom made since the shoes would be sort of 'an investment' for a long period of time, lol, at least that's what i thought! ;)
  3. I like the Dr Scholls heel liners, but NOT the For Her clear version.... those are bad, get the regular "suede" heel liners, those work GREAT!
  4. Agree with Sakura-those suede like ones work great!
  5. I also agree with others. The gel-type inserts are horrible. They roll and not sticky enough for the shoe. Get the suede/cloth material ones. They are much better.
  6. I'm really tempted! Do you make the inserts for each shoe that do not fit? If you don't mind, I'd love to know more about the process and the cost.
  7. ^ hey there! i had inserts made (in leather which is quite similar to the heel of the CL so that there isn't a difference in its interior, my cobbler wanted to paint my custom made sole slips red to match LOL i told him don't be insane!) for shoes that don't fit, a pair would cost around $40 odd, but it depends on the kinda cobbler you go to. i suggest you go to a good and reputable one if you're gonna fix some expensive shoes! :graucho:

    they will get you to wear the shoe with a styrofoam sort of material which is quite thick at the heel and ask you to try to walk around and if your feet still slip off in them, the cobbler will continue to adjust until you're comfortable so you have to be honest and make sure that they are of the right fit. the custom made heel grips took around a week to be ready. i only needed 1 of those on each side. i heard from him some ladies buy shoes like 2 - 3 sizes up off the sales and required as much as 3 pieces lol. :wtf:
  8. ^^ Thanks for the info! The cost is actually not bad considering how odd the fit is on Louboutins and how regular inserts rarely do their job. So embarassing to have a gel insert fall out when I am trying to "work it," know what I mean? lol
    I never even thought of going to a cobbler for a custom fit inserts. Sadly, there is no one in my area right now who does it, but I might try in LA when I go visit my bf next month.
  9. I love the Tacco all leather shoe insole inserts - search for it online - they are sized and very comfortable - I think they're Italian. I have narrow feet and one foot that is a half size smaller than the other and I use the Tacco's all of the time.

    Edit: just checked it out - they're made in Germany:smile: