One Seller many of the same type of bag


Feb 20, 2012
I have a question I hope TPF can help me with. I have been looking for a vintage double flap with the CC in gold/silver. I don't think this is necessarily a unique bag, but is not common either. There are some sellers on ebay who post one, sell it, then a week later post another. Other sellers on ebay have 2-10 currently up there as a buy it now. So I was wondering how one seller could have so many of the same type of bag? The bags all have different serial card numbers, and little things wrong with them in different ways. For example, such as the right corner on one is frayed, but on another it is the left. I have checked a few of the sellers feedback and in some cases they have negative feedback that says they sold a fake, but they also have 2802 positive to 19 negative. Sometimes a fake might slip in, not good but it happens. Also my other question is most of these sellers are from Japan. I was wondering why that was? Thanks for any help/education you can provide me in advance.