One Secret Shame

  1. Mine: I deeply enjoy watching the Dr. Phil show. :Push:

  2. I love the Jerry Springer show.
  3. I love the Enquirer and Star tabloids...

    Whenever I am in the UK I get giddy with excitement and buy all the trashy British rags in the airport to read!
  4. I think South Park is hysterical.

    Oh, and I wanted to add- I love the gawd-awful soap opera- Passions. Whenever I'm home from work, I have to watch it. It's soooo bad.
  5. :lol: Me too!! :shame:
  6. I try to catch As The World Turns at least once a week. even at work. have a little portable t.v.:shame:
  7. I wish to God, House, MD was real!!!! I LOVE him!!!!
  8. I tivo Days of our Lives everyday!!!
  9. I like Real World/Road Rules Challenges and Parental Control!
  10. Well, when I lived in the US I watched Dr. Phil, Oprah, and "A baby story" a lot :smile:

    Now that I'm living in Germany, I watch a lot of Brit and Oliver :biggrin: Gotta love trash TV!!
  11. wedding shows! and i'm already married. :smile:

    and soaps and oprah. soaps are part of the reason i won't get cable. i get completely addicted.
  12. 'Top gear' car show and 'Trisha'/'Jeremy Kyle' chat shows (british programs)....can't get enough of em..:shame: :lol:
    Oh and The Tyra Banks Show..:yes:
  13. Oooh, I love the Tyra show too! Sometimes I'll watch it at 3:30 am and then watch the new one at 9:00. ...Yes, I may have issues.:shame:

    I also loooove Big Brother. Thank God it's on three time a week.:wlae:
  14. Shopping/spending money is a stress reliever for me.
  15. ummm... I play Dungeons & Dragons. I try not to tell to many people that.