One Reason They Are Hard To Find...

  1. I was just checking out the LeSportsac site a little more in detail and discovered that according to their agreement with their retailer, no one is allowed to sell tokis online except LeSportSac!! Check it out under the section labeled "AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION OF LESPORTSAC PRODUCTS"

    Explains why Pulse had to pull down their online ordering page. I wonder how Macy's and Nordstrom get away with it?

    And with lamore, if LeSportsac doesn't sell it online, legally, no one should be!!
  2. Macy's and Nordstrom probably get away with it because they're so big and just don't care....
  3. That's :censor: know why it is...just so they can make all the $$$ and rip us off on shipping. :cursing:
  4. LOL!! maybe so! they won't rip me off though because i'd rather hunt for my bags than wait for it in the mail :p
  5. :cursing: The only way I'm able to find Tokidoki in Puerto Rico is online, and the shipping LeSportsac asks for is almost $30!!
  6. I know when you order through lesportsac it's like the cost of the bag which is fine...then it's just plus, plus, takes 45 minutes to get a grand total b/c they're adding fees like shipping, plus tax, plus an extra service charge of $40 just b/c we like you :lol: Plus if you want to return it you've gotta pay to ship it back. :wtf: Plus if you want a good print placement you've gotta order 6 bags b/c we're not getting up from our desks to look at a bag for you. I'm not a fan of theirs. I'd like to tell them a thing or two. :lecture:
  7. i cant even order from lesportsac online :crybaby: oh well...that leaves me else where to get them cheaper!
  8. well, for nobody being allowed to sell the bags online, there sure is quite a few of places that sell them tho. where ever you guys are all ordering from, at least.

    that's kind of wierd tho, because a million places sell a bunch of different designer bags & no one seems to care really.
  9. if they make a rule, they should be ableto enforce it. it's a joke if they cannot control it.
  10. At least you folks can buy Lesportsac bags online..they won't ship to Hawaii :sad:
  11. So are they going to sell Amore online at Lesportsac or not :confused1:
  12. Doesn't look like it huh? I keep checking...but nada.
  13. :wtf: So weird.:shrugs: Lesportsac is usually slow in posting the items to their website anyway. I'll see it in Nordies and it'll usually be 2 weeks until Lesportsac has it up. But there have been so many different rumors about the amore that who knows what'll happen. :confused1:
  14. heh, i'm just glad i even knew it was out from jamie, cuz if she didn't post that she had bags @ japanla..then I never would've known it came out and wouldn't have called lesportsac to ask...
  15. According the SA here on island, she said no, theyre are not going to be available on lesportsac online...