One question. I have not got a chance to ask yet.

  1. I am very expert to LV. however I have not been to LV store for quite a while. So, last month, me and my friends, three of us, went to Las Vegas for fun, my friend got an azur Damier 25 there. and after we got back to hotel. I checked out the datecode was weird. If I didn't purchase with her, saw her pay by credit card, and not see the leaf pictures, I may thought that's the "question" one. Datecode is SD1097. So, maybe LV change the datecode method that I didn't know??? anyone?
  2. 19th week of '07. It's all good. :tup:
    They did change it recently, though I'm not sure exactly when.
  3. Got you, thanks. They changed from month to weeks...means they produce a lot more now???:wlae: