One question for the Azur owners!!

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  1. I just ordered the Azur Galliera today and it will be making its long trek from San Diego to Cleveland..(argh the wait). and I was wondering if you all use your Azur bags during the winter months, especially you cold climate gals/guys. When I had my multicolor Speedy I did use it year round, but it did take a beating. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I use my azur's all year round .. except in extreme weather (raining/snow showers)we tend to have here in NYC. Other than that, snow on the ground I sure do. However, I also don't take public transportation to commute to work so that may make a difference to some.
  3. I've seen a few threads on this- some people are very against it..but I think that azur makes a FABULOUS winter bag. I love carrying it with jeans and white sweaters or cream/ pastel colors!
  4. I plan to wear my azur speedy all winter I think it would look great against a snowy background!
  5. I use mine all year long but I live in Florida. That said, in addition to jeans, creams, it matches well with Gray.
  6. I wear like that and I think it's a great combo!!
  7. Totally great for year round wear! Enjoy the heck out of your new baby! :woohoo:
  8. As long as there is no rain or snow... where it well! I carry any bag anytime if someone disagrees, sounds like a problem they need to workout themselves :lolots:
  9. Thank you all so much for your responses! I was really hoping to hear everyone wears their bags year round, especially since I just ordered mine today and winter can pretty much start anytime after October 1. Yay... can't wait to get it and start wearing it:woohoo:
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    Funny you should say that because the SA where I went this morning to get the bag said to me "why would you want this color now?" They didn't have the Azur and she tried talking me into getting the mono. Needless to say I left.
  11. I live in CA so no snow and I wear my bags year round. I don't like that SA's comment ^
  12. Azur goes well all- year round for sure. I own a Gal azur too and carry it any season.
  13. It goes well year round. The vachetta on my azur gets dirtiest from my jeans, not anything else. But it's simple enough to clean.
  14. I never understood the "no white in winter" thing you guys have going over there. I think it's just as perfect against snow as for spring! :shrugs::girlwhack:
  15. i carry mine year round! but I live in VEGAS! ....welll I think i would carry it year round regardless!