One product you love and one you hate

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  1. Have learned a lot reading reviews here and on MakeupAlley. But have purchased some mistakes along with the winners:

    Hate: NARS lipgloss in Orgasm. Sticky, glittery, emphasizes all the lines in my lips and my hair sticks to my mouth.

    Love: Purpose Cleanser -- have used for years -- gentle and effective and never irritates my skin.

    How about you?
  2. hate: benefit hoola. i'm already very tan, and this made me dirty. i cant possibly imagine how this would look on paler skin tones

    love: rose salve from smiths? and sodium PCA moisturizer from kiehls
  3. I pretty much hate all acne products right now b/c none seem to be working:mad:

    I'm currently loving HEMPZ moisturizing shampoo and conditioner:love:
  4. Love: Dr Bronner liquid soap in lavendar and peppermint, Benefit Dandelion blush

    Hate-CG face powder and avoid their lipstick it has lead in it!
  5. love: valmont bio cellular serum
    hate: anything clinique :yucky:
  6. Love: Lancome Adaptive foundation.
    Hate: Estee Lauder makeup...sorry, too "yellow" for my skintone...
  7. Love: YSL Eclat Touche
    It lasts forever and I couldn't live without it.
    Hate: Chanel #5
    I know it's suppose to be the classic of classics but I just can't wear it. Maybe some people can carry it off but It just doesn't hang well on me...Or anyone I know.
  8. Hate: NARS lipgloss in Orgasm. Makes me look pale.
    Love: Dior Show waterproof mascara.
  9. LOVE: Sisley collagen & woodmallow night cream
    HATE: ...such a strong word...hmmmm....Jergens Daily Glow. Gave me a rash and its stinky.
  10. Love:Chanel blush in Secret
    Hate: Estee Lauder lipstick&lipgloss
  11. love: mac bronzer in golden - only a thin layer evens out my skintone and means i don't have to wear foundation in summer!

    hate: biotherm products. made my skin dry, splotchy, and itchy!
  12. Love: Anything Stila

    Hate: ANything Chanel
  13. love- Lancome Blush in Miel Glace'
    hate- Clinique eyeshadows
  14. :nuts: Love: Creme de la Mer
    :hrmm: Hate: Chanel nail polishes

  15. I've noticed that too! Chanel 5 smells really nice in the bottle, but just comes off as vaguely "soapy" on me, and loses it's scent very rapidly. I like some of the others though -- Coco, Chance, Allure and no. 22 -- but they are not my absolute faves.
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