One Pot Meal Ideas

  1. I really like cooking, I really do, but don't have the time lately to do as much as I would like. And I can't stand the clean up of multiple pots, tools, etc. Can we please list our favorite one pot meal ideas - crock pot or not. I just want some ideas of what I can throw all into one pot and get a healthier version of the "helpers" I've been using lately (note my other thread:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. My favorite is the chili that I make for the fam. in the fall / winter time.

    Can of Kidney Beans, can of black beans, can of Hormel Chili with meat (or without if ya like), cut up bell peppers, carrots, onions, and a bit of chili powder. Yum! All ya need is one big pot or you could use a crock pot. If you want, you could also put some ground beef or turkey in there (cooked, of course!) too. Tastes good, low in calories (and WW points)!
  3. Here's an easy Crockpot meal:

    Slice an onion and lay the slices around the bottom of the Crockpot. Cut a round steak into 4-5 pieces and lay on top of the onions. Add salt and pepper and then pour a small can of tomato sauce on top of all this (use a larger can if you want more gravy). I cook this on high for maybe 7 hours.
  4. i do that with lamb but i add sliced potatoes aswell and then cut up a loaf of fresh crusty bread to eat with it and soak up the juices. yummy, im getting hungry just thinking about it.

    im a huge fan of one pot dishes. i hate washing up and we dont have a dishwasher.

    waxy potatoes onions tomatos and good quality sausages and stock make a nice winter dish too.

    and then for dessert stale chocolate coissants in a dish with double cream poured over and baked in the oven.

    or a big pan of curry with carrots peas potatoes onions and chicken,
    or french onion soup, or broth. oh how i love winter food.

    or a leg of lamb and a bottle of white wine cooked all day and add the veg 20 mins before the meat is ready.

    i will stop now before the drool destroys my keyboard.
  5. I just put together for tonight, Pot Roast in the crockpot:

    In the bottom of your crockpot:
    potatoes, mushrooms, celery, carrots, onion

    Then brown all sides on medium/high heat your beef brisket.

    In a bowl stir together a can of beef broth, package of onion soup mix, cream of celery soup.

    Put the beef on top of the veggies, pour the liquid mixture on top then cook on low for 8-9 hours or 3-4 on high.

    Super easy!! Great leftovers for brisket sandwiches!
  6. Do you drain the liquid from the cans of kidney and black beans?
  7. I don't have time to whip out the recipes right now, but here are some ideas:

    Consider bean-based soups; kidney beans for chili, white bean soup with ham, pinto beans for southwestern themes.

    Barley and quinoa are good additions for soups if you add them halfway through (or according to package/cooking directions).

    Consider meats that many people won't use because they aren't considered the "prime" cuts; many of them need longer cooking times to soften them up, but are delicious. Cut examples: Ham hocks (fresh, not smoked), pork neck and back bones, lamb neck and back bones, beef ribs, lamb ribs, oxtail, etc. Even adding marrow-filled bones to soups and stews makes it much richer. Marrow-filled bones are usually found in places like Earthfare labeled as "dog bones" and are inexpensive, but very tasty.

    Mind that there are certain veggies that are not great crock-pot, slow-cooker/dutch oven appropriate, like cabbage and turnips. Cabbage will fall to flavorless bits and turnips can add bitterness.

    It's good to always have stocks on hand, and homemade stocks are easy. Some people use veggies in their stock, I only use a bit of onion and carrot and that's it. Boil and reduce down a roasted chicken carcass for stock. I use those and I use leftover uncooked organic chicken bones and scraps from cooking my dog's food to whip up some stock. If you ever see chicken feet, definitely buy them for stock, as they add a greater richness and flavor to the stock because of the cartilage in them (as creepy as I'm sure they appear). Or buy a few cheap pork hocks or pork bones to cook down for pork stock; beef stock can be made with inexpensive bones that still have a bit of meat left on them. Those can be somewhat difficult to find, though you can substitute with some beef short ribs.

    Just some ideas for ingredients :smile:
  8. i agree with neeya on the uncommon cuts of meat thing. lamb neck is tastier than you would think, and those cuts are cheaper, especially if you go to a proper butcher.
    making stock with the bones left from pork joints is great.
    for stock i either use a pork joint or a chicken carcass, carrot and and onion, just put them all in whole and boil away.
  9. good meals for winter:

    Chile Verde using cubed pork tenderloin pieces, kidney beans, pinto beans, onions, celery, mild medium or hot green salsa mixed in. Simmer for a couple hours. Serve with a little shredded cheese on top, and non-fat sour cream dollop.

    Pasta Fagiole (pasta and cannelini beans) Kind of a really thick soup with a small pasta, beans, in a chicken stock or vegetable stock, onions garlic, Italian seasonings.
  10. Pineapple coconut chicken!! REALLLLY EASYYY but tastes like you slaved over it.

    Chicken (breasts, wings or any parts cut)
    2 cans coconut milk
    chopped carrots, onion, potato, 1 can sliced pineapples

    In the Pot first brown chicken in garlic and salt..then just simply add coconut milk and the pineapple juices..let boil and reduce to simmer for 45 min covered, add veggies and pnineapple in the last 10 min..

    chicken is soft and almost falls off bone and has a great creamy coconut undertone with pineapple sweetness..add salt and pepper to with rice, pasta or potatoes..
  11. When the weather gets cooler my family and I love to have a big bowl of hearty soup with crusty french bread. I make a mean White Bean/Sausage/Pasta soup and the leftovers are even better!
    2 cans white cannellini beans
    1 box ditalini pasta
    2 heads of escarole, spinach or swiss chard, washed and rough chop
    4-6 cups of chicken broth
    1 lb. italian or turkey sausage
    1/2 lb. baby bella mushrooms or white button mushrooms
    2 bulbs of shallots, minced
    3-4 cloves of garlic , minced (depending on how much garlic you like)
    2 bay leaves
    salt & pepper to taste
    Parmesan cheese

    Cook sausage until meat is slightly browned. Add shallots and garlic and cook until meat is completely browned. Add mushrooms and a little more olive oil (mushrooms tend to soak up the oil) and cook until slightly softened. Add escarole a little at a time (it will cook down just like spinach) and another turn of olive oil. Cook with meat mixture until escarole starts to wilt. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add the bay leaves and 4 cups of broth or more depending on how much broth you like ( I add enough to cover the top of the greens). Cover and bring to a boil. After soup comes to a boil, bring it down to simmer and taste if it needs more salt or pepper.

    Cook the pasta according to the package directions. After draining, at 2-3 tablespoon of butter to prevent the pasta from sticking.

    Once soup is done, ladle some pasta in a bowl, add soup on top and garnish with grated parmesan cheese and serve with french bread! YUMMMMM!!!:tup:
  12. Go to some of the online recipe sites and search for "crockpot" and "slow cooker" meals. Lots of great recipes available free online.

    Plus I have 3 slow cooker cookbooks. I always fool around with the recipes - add spices, substitute ingredients, etc.
  13. Curry. All we do is get a package of S&B Curry mix, sautee onions in a big pot, cook the chicken, and add veggies and cook according to the box's instructions. The mix is perfect because it's not too salty and comes in a couple different heats.

    I also made my perfect ham and lima beans this summer. All you do is boil a ham shank or hamhock until it starts falling off the bone. Drain the water but reserve enough for boiling a pound of lima beans (more than enough to cover the beans) and boil it all up. Add your spices - red vinegar, pepper, anything you want. Watch the salt because the ham is more than enough to salt your lima beans. Good as a side dish to BBQ or on its own. Delicious hot or cold.

    I love meals like this :smile: