One Pomme Inclusion Bracelet left in Boston!

  1. Today I picked up a Pomme Inclusion bracelet from the Boston store at Copley Place. I bought the bracelet from the display case inside the store, and there was one left in the window display outside the store. I was told that the Copley store only received three bracelets total: I bought one today, and BostonLonghorn posted hers yesterday, so there's only one left!

    Boston gals, go get it! :nuts:
  2. WHY are these selling already? My SA, a manager, has told me that they aren't allowed to sell the Valentine stuff until 2/1.... and that my store in SF doesn't even have any of it in stock yet. I don't get it.
  3. ITA!! My store has them in because I got to look at them today, but my SA is also a manager and was adamant that she couldn't sell it to me today. Her exact words were, "I'd definitely sell them to you today if I was able to, but it's against store policy to sell it before the launch date."
    I also told her about the stores that were selling the heart coin purses already and she said that those stores would probably face harsh reprecussions for selling things before the given launch date.
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  5. Congrats!
    Guess that is one less item on my visit next week!
  6. Can you post a pic? I can't visualize the color . . . thanks

  7. I have no idea. I called the Boston store yesterday and the woman I spoke with on the phone said that they had them but couldn't sell them yet. I took a chance and went in anyway, and they sold it to me no problem :shrugs:
  8. Yes :yes: pictures please
  9. wow - that was fast ..only one?
  10. inclusion is def being sold already!
  11. oooh which store was it in? Saks or the boutique?
  12. I'm so annoyed. My store didn't have my ring size or the small bracelet, only the medium. So now I have to wait a few more days for all my pieces to come in at once.
  13. The boutique at Copley
  14. Same here. I'm still waiting for my small inclusion bracelet to come in. I don't know how much longer I can wait.