One Piece or Two ?

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  1. What type of Swimsuit do you wear ?

    Boy Shorts

    One Piece


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  2. boy shorts! i am shy :shame:
  3. I wear a two piece/bikini. I love getting a good tan :nuts: Hmm, I should go swimsuit shopping sometime soon for summer.
  4. I wear either a one-piece or tankini. I'm too fat for anything else (but there is hope this summer that I'll be thin)
  5. Bikini! always. I'm not shy. I'd go topless if it were socially acceptable in america, lol.

  6. Either a one-piece or a tankini. I've never had a great body for a bikini (I'm thick through the trunk), and I'd rather wear a suit that's comfortable and flattering.
  7. two piece bikini
  8. Two piece bikini. I do like boy shorts though.
  9. Bikini!
  10. Bikini...but I wear a large white t-shirt over it. ;) I only remove it when I want to tan, LOL..I am THAT shy. :oh:
  11. Tankini, but I always wear a T-shirt :smile: A sexy James perse but a T shirt nonetheless
  12. i like two piece bikinis. boy shorts are cute too.
  13. Tankini.
  14. I like bikinis especially this bikini i have that has like a halter top and then the bottom is like a skirt with shorts underneath
  15. Bikini. I look weird in other things
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