One person's loss is another ones gain. (long post)

  1. So, I was to pick up my Pomme Bedford wasn't in, but came today so we went. They brought it out and.....just...didn't feel it. The color just seemed really wrong in this style. (I had not seen it in person yet too, to make an educated choice - my fault) My mom didn't like it either. My fiance said it looks like a salami - lol. I wouldn't go THAT yea...I was NOT feeling this at all. Plus, when I picked it up the center made a slight dent like thing that I kept having to pop back into round-shape. Little things like that I'm too obsessive about and just...I knew it wasn't for me.

    So, this was the only one there and I didn't want it....a lady and her daughter standing near me were eyeing it. The girl goes to me, "oooh, your getting that? It' so they have more"? My SA says no and that I had ordered it and it was the only one. When I tell you that this girl's face looked SO dejected and sad and just awful! I already knew I didn't want this and had been telling my SA I was iffy on it (I already knew I didn't want this). The SA was just standing there and I said I'm not going to grab this I just really don't like it..if she wants it, it's all hers. The girl turned with this blank "WHA?!" face on and stared at me, lol. It was so funny. I'm like it's yours, it really not me, but it seems to be you. She turned to her mom with this look of pleading and her mother said yes. the girl's hands were literally shaking when she took it to try on. She bought it and was so joyous and gave me a HUG with tears in her eyes LOL! I wanted to cry lol. So, basically life, fate, things work out in certain ways. I maybe needed to order this cause she wouldn't have found it anywhere else, it had to have been delayed and picked up today, had to have not honestly liked it, had to have her there at that exact moment looking around too. It was meant for her, just had to follow life's intricate path to get it set that way, is my belief.

    So, I ordered some more Inclusion to be sent to me and then we left. We got into the car to go eat and started talking about and ended up crying in the car like weirdos, haha. Happy cry...yeah, we are like that. lol...

    k, that's the end - sorry was so long but wanted to share. :yes:
  2. :crybaby: nice story.....
  3. Awwww... you're so nice!!!

    Many blessings are coming your way! ;)
  4. sweet of you!!! im sorry the pomme bedford didn't work out for u...but there will be others to choose from.. :graucho:
  5. AWWW great story!!! :smile:
  6. Thank you for sharing this experience. We need more people like you who can bring a smile to others' faces. I'm really touched. :yes:
  7. awwwwwww!!!!!!!!! thats such a nice story!! you are such a nice person.
  8. AWWwwww sooo sweet:tender: Thanks for sharing.
  9. *sniff* That was really the nicest story I've ever heard in a long time. I'm so glad she appreciated the generosity you've shown her.
  10. Aaaw, I bet you made that girl very happy!
    And lol on your fiance's salami-comment^^
  11. Great story - she must have been one very happy girl!
  12. That's great!!!soooooooooooooo sweet!!!
  13. Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling. You are lovely.
  14. thanks for sharing! that story is so cute...
  15. aww... such a sweet story. thanks for sharing!