One pen mark, many methods...which one is best for my white Aline? S.O.S!!!

Jun 25, 2008
I just found a blueish ink line on my beloved white cream Aline, which seems impossible because the bag has been nowhere near writing instruments of any kind. There are no pens where I set it at home, none on the passenger seat of my car, none at the padded table at the gym...ghosts, must have been ghosts. Anyway, I searched tpf and found a number of methods of removing the pen marks, including baby wipes, hairspray, Mr. Clean magic eraser, eye make-up remover. Given that the bag is made of super smooshy, white cream pebbled leather, what do you gals think would be the best way of removing this mark? I don't have leather cleaner, nor the cash to make yet another order at So that's out. Need a home remedy. Help, pretty please!


Sep 9, 2006
i would try the baby wipes first. if that fails, then i'd go for the hairspray. i learned the latter method from thithi. never had to try it out for myself thankfully, but if she says it works then it must. good luck, and damn those ghosts. if i were you, i would exorcise them and their ghost pens.


Sep 2, 2006
United States
i'd also try the baby wipes first and then the hairspray. the eye mu remover could stain since it prob has oil in it and the magic erasers are pretty harsh.
(but good for cleaning the white part of tennis shoes!)

good luck. do a teeeeeny spot first!


Dec 5, 2007
Long Island, NY
I've never used hairspray on leather, but I've used it on tons of clothing, and the whole interior or one of my coach bags. I would also try baby wiped than the hairsrpay, which I don't think would stain, Maybe spray on a q-tip and then rub on bag? Let us know the results