One off the wish list - REVEAL

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  1. Quick back story...

    Been looking for this bag for awhile and when I found it back in December, I was ecstatic! I purchased it in lambskin bc I didn't really have a preference in the type of leather, just the color (one specifically from 2004) and the hardware. When I got it, I absolutely adored it! The leather so soft and I loved the color! I considered refurbishing it since it a had some wear/color transfer. I was going to hold off for a bit bc I wanted to use it first. SECOND time using, I got more color transfer from my dark jeans I was devastated! That was only a month or so after having it. So I decided to send it to the Leather Surgeons. They did a fantastic job but they had to redye it, which changed the texture of the bag and the color (it was a good color match but I don't think anyone can ever really match the original color 100%). I decided to part with it.

    Fast forward a month we are!
  2. Here! Can't wait to see!
  3. Well, hello there lady! I won't drag this on then

    I couldn't finish my dinner fast enough to open this baby...

    She was so sweet! Even sent me a card...this was a first.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462896994.833763.jpg


    Never seen these little foam things before...but I actually saw one unbox a mini and it had so that the bag wouldn't move around the box.
  5. The anticipation! i know how long you've been searching... Nice touch by the seller!
  6. Here she is!! My new-to-me pink square mini in caviar leather with gold hardware from 2004


    The color looks much more muted in the pic...
  7. All ready for the reveal =D
  8. Cute! Congrats on finding one of your wish list pieces! It looks lovely!
  9. She's beautiful! It's love!! Pristine condition. I know how long you've searched. Im so happy that you're so happy. Waiting and being so thorough really paid off! I love this one more than the original pink mini! You got a beautiful piece that you can treasure for many years to come. Wear her with much happiness and joy. You deserve it. Congratulations!
  10. Let's see the back too, please! :smile:

  11. Thank you!!

    Thank you, friend! She's in really good condition...I cannot believe it. As much as I loved the lambskin, I really like the worry-free caviar leather. I'm ecstatic! So many things that I thought went wrong were actually blessings in disguise (in the handbag world, of course lol). I can't wait for you to get your maxi!
  12. You are so lucky to find it again! Especially so quickly! Congratulations!

  13. Oh yes, here!

    I love the little mark on the hardware on these vintage bags!

    Here's a better pic to capture to real color...

  14. Thank you! I was so surprised too! In such great condition and at a price that I was very comfortable with. I can't wait to wear her!!
  15. Love square minis! Congratulations! It's a stunner!!