One of us?

  1. I think one of our girls might post more pictures?
  2. This looks like a replica to me......anyone?
  3. Hmm, I think this bag might be suspect, it has the old-style Lampo zipper and the alignment of the tag is way way off ..
  4. I wonder why purseblog is mentioned in the listing...
  5. That's what I thought, the stitching is not straight either.
  6. why did they name purseblog in their auction?
  7. ?? If it's fake I wish they hadn't.
  8. I think they did it to up their credibility, so that it would more likely sell. It makes them appear more honest because we don't support fakes, so the buyer infers that the bag is real ... very tricky.
  9. I think anyone that would use, in an auction, the word "screw" and not be referring to tools has, well, a screw loose.
  10. Checked out the seller's other items for sale and curiously, a link from one of her MJ auctions (the eggshell Polina) went to a Photobucket page where there were tons of pics of fake MJ bags. I don't like the way that looks.
  11. this is fake.
  12. Also, the dimensions listed are for a city and the photo is of a purse. I definitely wouldn't trust this seller...
  13. No way - that's a fake, and a bad one. Anyone who's lurking thinking that this bag is real, it isn't! And we are not affiliated with this seller at all!
  14. Right-click on that picture and you'll get your answer. The seller hot-linked a picture that was posted here on purseblog.

    Here's the link (

    So we are in no way affiliated with that auction, unless that seller is member here.

    Oh and obviously that's a fake! :P