"One of us.....one of us....."


Oct 6, 2011
Sierra Nevada Mountains CA
I had an MD appointment early this morning, like eight am, so I had to travel down to the city. I went to the mall afterward to get a luggage tag heat stamped for my new Neverfull. I didn't know that they did not open until 10:30am. I walked all over the mall at first, nothing was open of course, so I window shopped. Then I went back and sat down on one of the benches in front of LV. Another woman came and sat next to me also waiting for them to open.

OMG, she was so awesome! She had this fab YSL bag in kind of a fuschia color, and I swear we talked about *everything*. Found out we were the same age, we both had parents that were seperated but still loved each other, had both recently lost our moms, and obviously love LV. She was so cute, I felt like I had met one of "us". She actually had some medical type questions about her mom's death, and being an RN I was able to explain some of the issues. She said she felt like she was destined to meet me today because those questions had been bothering her for a while. So sweet! I was just about to ask her if she was on TPF and the store opened and we got distracted.

She had bought her hubby a gift for christmas.....not completely clear on what kind, but I guess he wanted to exchange it and went in to do it by himself, and she showed me what he came home with. A very lightweight fabric backpack in a black on black Damier pattern. I was looking for a comparison online tonight, as neither she nor I had ever seen one before and the closest I could find was a duffle that was designed to fold up into a little pouch for travel, kind of like they sell at the grocery store when you are in the checkout line to stick in your purse to carry groceries, but this one cost over a thousand dollars. We were both surprised at the fabric, it seemed really cheap and light, it held no shape at all, as though it would rip easily. Additionally I am not sure it was really that masculine looking, it had kind of a shimmery sheen, almost like lingerie, to it.

Anyone familiar with these backpacks? I think she traded it for something else, I am not sure what, but she said she had paid about seventeen hundred for the original gift, and she obviously has great taste, so I am sure it was a fab trade. I was just curious if anyone out there bought one, and how well had it held up?

As for me I really struck out. They did not have my luggage tags in, and their stamping machine was broken anyway. I placed an order for my tag and stamping but she said it would probably be at least five or six weeks to get the tags. Of well, no rush I suppose, it is going to look so cool though when it comes! The other thing I wanted was a non-collapsable box. I like to store my bags in nice boxes, and a box with a lid I could remove, would allow my bag's leather to breathe. The collapsable that my bag came in sucks, it's all wonky, and once the bag goes in, it cannot really breathe, you have to slide it in from the side. The story I got is that they don't make boxes big enough for a Neverfull I kind of believe her because I read someone else on here had the same issue when they tried to get a nice box. She said occasionally they get nice hard sided boxes in with a big order of something but that is as close as they get. Of course being after christmas, they had nada....zip, zero. Looks like I am doomed to wonky boxes for my Neverfulls.

Anyway, that was my first trip to LV in years, and meeting that gal made it soooooo much fun! Anybody who thinks that women who love designer purses are snobby and shallow obviously never met any of us :greengrin:
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