One of THOSE moments....

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  1. Okay, so I was at the local drugstore this morning and noticed a lady carrying a nicely patina'd mono Speedy and carrying a mono wallet. Honestly, I've never noticed other LV's before, and now it's like the radar's on. Anyway, as I was leaving, she was behind me and I happened to see her and she flashed me a knowing smile upon noticing my bag.
    Anyone recall the car commercial with the guys saying, "Welcome to the world of gentlemen, gentlemen..."? I was swiftly reminded of that commercial. Anyone else have that kind of moment early in their LV life?
  2. nope. but yeah- i know what u mean. that knowing look. its all good!
  3. i have no clue..LOL. in my city it's like a competition, not appreciation. Even with the authentic LV bag carriers, it's like well mine is newer, or mine is older...or mine is bigger. but I do notice other LV bags. I don't try to stare anymore, i just notice, nod, smile, and carry on with my business.
  4. I definitely watch out more since my obsession began. People where I live either think you are nuts for buying such a thing, competitive, or there are a few who are generally equally appreciative of nice bags and have some themselves so they provide positive feedback.

    But I personally found it hilarious that when I was in Neimans today the SA I got some makeup from was wearing a LV bubble ring and my eyes opened real wide. My DH was so confused and thought I saw something else I wanted behind the counter. Well I sure did! I had to rush back to the boutique and ask about the ring because I forgot when I was in there earlier. I felt kinda like a nutcase, but in a good way because I'm paying attention to finer details!
  5. exactly! my friend and i developed this habit of looking at the bag before the face, and sometimes when we're in the mall that's how we spot someone we know.. through the bags..
  6. Yep, I had one with a lady with an epi noe noir yesterday. ;)
  7. Yes!! It's like an non spoken nod or wink.
  8. yep, I had my sac squash, all hot and new and this lady crossed my path with her hot and new black mc boulogne and we just stared eachother down and smiled and went on our ways