One of the RAREST...?

  1. I don't know what to say...
  2. I like it also!
  3. Not my cup of tea.
  4. It's... something :smile:
  5. I like it! With a very simple solid-colored, tailored dress, it would totally ROCK!
  6. I like the bag itself (ruffles and tiers!! :nuts:) but not the chain/strap...not at all.
  7. I saw this today, it's not for me though, too blingy!!
  8. I like the bag, but the chain is kinda..uhm...tacky. I would have liked it better with a regular chain or normal handles. No offence, sorry
  9. Oooh, shiny! Not really my style though.
  10. It is a very BLINGy bag. It appeals to me, but I could never pull it off!
  11. It's quite funky, but eek, I hope that handle isn't as rough and spiky as it looks! <- If you held it without gloves or had it on the crook of your arm without sleeves, it looks like all those sharp crystals would scrape your skin like broken glass.
  12. It's a bit loud, but I like it. I wonder how this person got ahold of it?

    Not to get off topic, but am I seeing an avatar of Shuichi Shindou in Tefhel's post above me also? Looks like we have the same taste in anime/manga!
  13. Yikes.