One of the oddest emails...

  1. Ok, I listed my LV MC Speedy last week. I had it on a regular auction WITH a reserve. Well, the reserve was not met and it did not sell. No biggy, I was on the fence about selling it, so that should be the end of the story right? .... NOOOOO...

    This afternoon I was just browsing eBay because I was looking for some "Santa" things for the kids. I check my email because I am selling a Bose sound system and get a question on it. I look and there is this message saying "I won the LV multi purse from you and I have been waiting on payment instructions so I can pay you. Can you respond?"

    So, I am sitting here going thinking "what in the world?" So, I look and I do see that this person was the high bidder on the auction when it closed. They think they won this purse. So, just to be sure I was not completely losing my mind I go back and pull up the auction and sure as the world it says:

    [​IMG]Unfortunately, your item did not sell. (To list this item again, click the "Relist" button).
    [​IMG][​IMG]Bids were placed, but the reserve price was not met.

    So, I sit there for a minute and respond, I am sorry this purse did not sell because the reserve was not met. I then get an email back from them saying "I did too buy this, I was the highest bidder, you need to go and see. Are you trying to get out of selling this to me?" So, still being as nice as I can be, I send them another email and I try and explain reserve auctions and also tell them to look at their My eBay page to see that it does not show it on auctions won rather than in the section of not won and the reason why. They then email me back and say they are reporting me to eBay for not selling to me. I am still sitting here thinking omg.. what in the world. How can someone be so confused. They almost had me confused too! Sad thing is and what I do not understand is they do have all positive feedback too. Heck, I bet this poor soul was jumping up and down thinking they got a Vuitton MC Speedy for a heckuva bargain...
  2. oh boy, I'm sorry you have to deal with this person! It seems like there's a ton of newbie or completely misinformed buyers on eBay right now. Grrr!
  3. LOL. I'm sorry to laugh, but that poor, ignorant person...

    Let them report you to ebay. See how far that gets them. There's nothing more you can do about it at this point. Be happy they're going to bother ebay with it now, and hopefully not you. I hope someone at ebay gets a laugh out of it, at least... :amuse:
  4. lol, sorry but that was kinda funny especially after the moron I just dealt w/on ebay. I swear I won an auction for a purse but the buyer wouldn't complete the sale.......oh wait............just kidding.

    No but seriously there are some totally crazy people on ebay and for some reason I seem to come across ALL OF THEM!!
  5. Oh, after the intial shock thinking omg.. I had a reserve on it didn't I moment, I have sat alternating between just pure amazement and amusement.
  6. lol....another of those that appear during this time of the year....
  7. Can you imagine what the people at Ebay see/hear. Someone should write a book.
  8. The world is full of stupid people. I have 47 years experience with stupidity so shaking my head in amazement and amusement is par for the course. I am so done with ebay for awhile!
  9. Ok, here is another good one... they just emailed me AGAIN and said "well is this for sale or not because if this bag is not attainable, I do not want you to hinder me from finding one." Huh? how am I hindering them? They did not freaking win... ugh... this person is sooo going on my blocked bidders list.
  10. just don't bother answering any more of her emails, loony person
  11. Oh dear, from the outside this is so funny, but I can understand your frustration. Let her contact eBay, maybe they'll have better luck explaining the situation to her. The good news is that she didn't win the auction so she can't neg you.
  12. I personally wouldnt worry about it. everything is on your side. there is NO record that the item was sold to the person. they just assumed by their own mistake.
  13. Gee, I sure would stop having any contact with this person, he/she may have you so confused eventually that you won't know what to do anymore. Sometimes I think stupidity & meanness are contagious!
  14. Tell them how much you want for it and then sell it to them in a private auction if they still want it.
  15. This is too funny. Make sure to add that bidder into your Blocked Bidder List immediately!